A Thousand Voices

A thousand voices, belonging to those who crave control and perfection, wanting to be heard.
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"I've lost my muchness" 
!* starving astrid
*And she said: Te quiero* 
* f a k e. f a d i n g. m e m o r i e s *
*fluttering hearts
*Used for: glue
-fading into nothing-
105 by June
50 Days of ABC
[secrets from my heart-shaped box]
.:My Little Wish:.
...A Better Part Of Me
...when you can no longer hide from yourself...
A Blog: Fragile Existence 
addictive agony
Adventures in EDNOS
A Head Full of Beauty
A journey to happiness
A Toxic Life.. by Meggy
A Will Is the Way
all lights go out
Almonds and Honey
Alone with Everybody Else
Ana's Addict: Craving Her Control
Ana's Journal
Anorexic Diary: By: A Pro Ana
Anything But the Cupcake
Anything for thin
Ate My Brain
Battle In Mind
barbiies and bones
Beautiful Thinner
beautiful wasted
Beauty From Pain (Inside Endnos)
Because Everyone Thinks I Can't Do It
becoming a waif
Becoming Picture Perfect
Behind the Fat
Bingo Wings
Breaking Free
Breaking Glass...
Brittany Wants To Be Barbie
broken little tea cup
Broken scale obsession
Butterfly with broken wings
By the Numbers
Choking on Glass
Chubby Girl
confined by anorexia
Count my Bones
Crazy is better when we're crazy together
Dear diary
Delicate Salix
Desolate Figurine
Desserts is Stressed Spelt Backwards
don't diet, starve
Dreams to be Desired
Drink Me
Dust and Feathers
Dying to be Thin
Dying to be the Thinnest
Edna, Ana, and I
Elephant Watering Can
Emerging from a Cocoon of Fat
Esoteric Thin
Excess to XS
Fading Away
Feather Light Thighs
Five Faint Footsteps
Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
Fragments of Me
For as long as you're here, we're not
For ever near yet
Forest of Bones
forget to remember me
Girl, Disordered
Get Steady
Hip Bones of Death
If i hope...
I'll get there... loved2bethin
I'm Raising Hell
i win when im thin
If I hope...
If you want it so bad, why the hell are you eating?
In Honor of Regzig
Is it late?
Is this what you call perfect?
Jeans vs. Genes
Just Jessica
Just Say No!
Just Water For Me, Thanks
Let your dreams guide you to sweeten your reality.
Light of Foot, Strong of Heart
like the summer wind
Lovely Abyss: The Last of Teen Angst
Lovely Me
locating wonderland.
lose it
Losing my grip
Make me perfect make me beautiful: A Pro ana Blog
May I Bud And Never Flower
Mind Over [Food Doesn't] Matter
My Best Friend's Name is Ana
My Depression And Journey For Perfection
My Hungry Hell
My new friend, Ana
My Personal Nightmare: Living with EDNOS
Nikki's Notes
Nothing More Than a Shadow
On My Way to Thin.
Only the Young
Paper Dolls
PaperDoll Perfection
Perfect Oxymoron
purify me
Puzzle Pieces
Quest for Size Zero
Said The Girl With The Chaotic Mind
sailing to thinisland
Savory & Sick
Sea of Soft Pudge
Secret Diary Of A London Mia-Girl
Simply Anorexic
Sinking Ships
Sincerely, Cinnamon Brown
skeletal advocacy*
Skinny is Beautiful
Skinny is in.
Skinny Jeans Don't Make A Skinny Girl
Skinny Legs at Home
Skinny Secret
Sky is the Limit
Small and Powerful
So She Says*
Someday Skinny
sparkle + fade
spread those wings
Starving Myself Pretty...
Stay Thin You Will Always Win
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones
Striving for Perfection
Striving Forward: Full Speed Ahead
The Anafly
The Ana/Mia Chronicles
The Beauty of Bones
The End Result is Worth the Fight
The Numbers That Rule My Life
The Secret to Sadness
the spaghetti monster.
The Storm is Within
TheJDawg Manifesto
Thin, Love, & Other Sacrifices
Thin is Everything
Thin Thrills
Thinspiration Diary
Thinspiration Pictures
Thinspo and Such
This inhuman place makes human monsters
This Paradoxical Life
Thoughts of a MONSTER
To Be Perfect You Must Die
to love and be loved
Vicious Circle
Waiting for the Miracle
Wanting is Never Enough
War & Life
Weigh In, Way Out
We Move by Instinct Darling
we'll find a way
white winged and writhing
Wings to set me Free
Wintergirls: secret life of the college dieter
Within ED
Words from a Sufferer
you settled for the pencil days
Your Runaway Bunny
Yummy Secrets- A Pro Ana Blog
Zero is Love