Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ana Buddy?

Does anyone out there have an ana buddy? Does it help with restriction or fasting and getting/giving support? I'm struggling currently, so I was wondering if a texting buddy would help. 

After sitting in front of a damn honey bun (340 calories) for an hour and thirty minutes, (part of an etiquette event), I ultimately didn't eat it, which may have led to my loss of willpower later. Binged later, I got upset when I reached 650 calories, because I was supposed to stay under 600, and decided to just fuck it, and continue, which obviously made the situation worse.  

The bright side to this situation is that you guys can use me as reverse thinspo. Don't become like me, ever.

Comment Replies: Thank you all so much for your comments! ALL of you are amazing, beautiful people inside AND out, I hope you won't feel the need to self-harm, because none of you deserve to feel pain.
Dani- It makes me sad that you hurt yourself, but that makes me a hypocrite. You're such a strong person, I admire your strength very much. I can relate to pain reminding me that I'm alive. I know we'll both reach our goals, and I wish you luck! :)
Lucy Hart- I desperately need a digital scale, I want to see a completely accurate number. I'm glad you stopped cutting, you're a beautiful person, you don't deserve to feel pain. I hope you have an amazing day! :)
thin_thighs- I'm very glad you aren't a cutter anymore, I'm not either. I'm happy you love your parents, it's great to have supportive family. After my binge today, I doubt I'm 104.5 pounds anymore, but that's completely my fault. I hope you have a lovely day! :)
Almost Alex- You're right, they're battle scars, I think they show strength and bravery. I hope you don't self-harm anymore, but I guess we all have a way of dealing with life. Thank you so much for commenting! :)
Kitty- I'm glad you don't cut anymore, you don't deserve to feel pain. It does make sense, cutting helped me keep the pain in control also, but I'm happy I stopped. Thank you for commenting!
alice ana- Your boyfriend sounds very caring and sweet, he's a keeper! It makes me feel less alone, knowing I wasn't the only one to self-harm in kindergarden. We also got the ice in a ziplock bag at my school! Wanting attention is natural, we can't spend our whole lives invisible. :) Thank you for your comment, don't worry, I adore long comments! 
-christy- - I'm really glad you stopped cutting for a while, hopefully soon things will get better and you will quit again. I loved seeing blood also, it was so dark and red, and it made me feel like everything wrong was right again, but not anymore. My scars are gone now thankfully. Thank you for your comment! :)
Just Jessica- A lion is a great tattoo! I always thought lions symbolize strength also. Thank you for your comment, have an amazing day! :)
kes- I admire your 20 hour fasts, do you find them a little easier or harder now that you're doing them for weightloss also? Burning scares me, but I love fires. I hope you've stopped cutting. You're a strong person, stay strong, stay beautiful! :)
unbeautiful- I'm glad you've been trying to stop cutting. I still scratch myself, mostly on my stomach, but I need to stop. I hope you stop, you're an amazing person, you don't deserve to feel pain. Congrats on the 2 months! Thanks for your comment! :)
ELLE-usive Dream- I'm sending you a hug, I really hope you won't need to self harm anymore soon! I haven't read the Bell Jar, I'll definitely check it out. Stay strong, stay beautiful, I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it! :)
Ana's Addict- I was born 5 days ahead of you, in February! Aren't you also glad you weren't born on Valentine's Day? :) Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, your blog is definitely one of my favorites, I love your writing style and determination! Emotional and mental self-harm is just as painful as physical harm, in my opinion. I hope you won't be too hard on yourself, maybe you could try treating yourself like you treat your best friend or someone you love! :) Thanks for the comment! 
lulu- I haven't watched Thirteen, I might after I go through all the movies in my Netflix queue. :) Cutting did help me deal with emotional pain, but I'm glad I stopped. I'm happy you don't cut often, and that your antidepressants are helping. You're a lovely person, you deserve a lovely day! :)


  1. I have an ana buddy, we use to talk more often and now we sort of just check in on each other but I could always use another one if youd like to try it and see what you think?

  2. I'd love an Ana buddy! I really need one at the moment...

  3. Fasts are harder now that I'm not in school. When I was in school you weren't allowed to eat in class so I couldn't and I would just skip breakfast and lunch and eat either when I got home or supper. Now that I have to spend more time around people fasts are a lot harder. And I don't have an ana buddy and I never have.

  4. I do not have an ana buddy, but I am pretty sure I could use one!
    Perhaps it would stop me from binging all the time.
    Perhaps if I had one, I would make better food choices on a daily basis?
    I guess we shall see. :)
    Hang in there and stay strong, love! <3

  5. I've always wanted to have an ana buddy cause everything's just easier with someone to support you, unfortunately some of my friends always tell me they're unhappy with their bodies but they could never be anas cause they are always eating and have no power whatsoever so im alone but it'd be great, you can always count on me for that :) and your blog is amazing I love it!

  6. I kinda have one, but mainly we just text like we're normal friends. BUT that texting is what I focus on instead of food, so it helps anyway.
    If you need one, I'll be here for you!

  7. If you need me, I'd be very happy to. I hope this doesn't sound offensive, but I love helping out younger girls. I feel like that's something I'm good at. I'm in the US with unlimited texting, so hit me up when you need a friend.
    (also anyone else who sees this and want to text me for anything. the number is also on my blog)

    sorry about your binge, sweetheart. it'll get better tomorrow, I promise. And I don't think anyone could use you as reverse thinspo, you're amazing and such an inspiration to all of us.

    lots of love and support,

  8. i had a similar day): it was horrible, but stay strong, you are beautiful! you had a moment of weakness and now that its over you get a fresh start tomorrow! im here if you need anything xoxo 7274175243

  9. I use to have an ana buddy that was like every day sort of thing last summer when I started this whole weight-loss-journey-no-matter-what-it-takes-thing. It was really, really helpful but we started to get out of touch and now only catch up on one another every few months. I'd love to have another one :/

  10. Too late, Babe, I'm already there! Just call me Cinnamon 'Doughnut' Brown, 'Walrus Girl' to my friends! I'd kill to weigh what you do!

    I didn't find ana-buddies very helpful. I don't mean to sound uncharitable, but I was always the only one restricting. Most of my buddies threw in the towel less than 12 hours into the deal and gave me nothing but excuses, so I stopped asking. I think it's as I feared, I'm walking the line alone here, but I don't mind, I've always done things on my own. I'm good at it!

    Sorry to hear about your binge. I'm proud of you though, you could have done much worse. Hang in there, Babe. <3. XXX.

  11. I definitly think ana buddies help! Even if it's not with fasting, they are someone to talk to and some one who understands :)
    650 isn't too bad for a binge. Maybe you could exercise off the extra 50 and then you would be ok?
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  12. I agree 650 cals isn't much for a binge sweetheart so you've done well :) Take care x

  13. I've had buddy's in the past. It's pretty awesome because if you feel weak or feel like there might be a binge coming on, you can just text your buddy and she'll help talk you through it, maybe give you some advise about how to avoid failing etc etc. I definitely need one =/

  14. Hey, I've just started my blog today. I don't have any followers or support but I could use an ana friendly buddy. Seriously. It's hard to do it alone. I came across your blog and your seem really genuine. I enjoy your blog too. I'm a 19 year old female btw.

    This is me:

    I hope to hear from you soon. -JT

  15. It wasn't even 1000 calories, so it wasn't a binge. Those extra 50 calories can be easily burnt by exercise.

    I don't have an ana buddy but i think it might be really helpful to have one.

    Hope you have a nice day ♥

  16. i have an ana buddy a couple acutally but they arent just for support they are like my best friends now especially the one we talk about everything txt everyday its nit to have some1 that understands what u are going thru
    im in america if u wanna txt thats fine but ud have to b in america too cause i dont have international txting

    the way im going i wont reach ne of my goals i keep eating to much

  17. Ana buddy sounds awesome. I dont think I could do it though because I would feel like I am hiding something from my boyfriend. Even though I hide this blog he stills knows that I am trying to lose weight. I feel bad enough hiding this but I need it to keep me motivated and he would not understand it all.

    Sorry you had a bad day hun but hang in there! tomorrow is a new day.

    Stay Strong
    <3 jess

  18. ana buddies do help, i have a couple girls that follow my blog on my phone so they are just a text away if i need a shove away from the fries

  19. That was totally me but it wasnt a honey bun, it was all the Damn Easter Candy!! great blog! i need a buddy.. but for now a Rubber BAnd does the trick!

  20. =) i kind of have an ana buddy.. this girl who i was on and off good friends with two years ago, in freshman year of high school, and before in elemenary school.. well she's like best friends with one of my two best friends, and we're both at school really early every day.. when we meet up in the mornings we just talk about food, calories, our goals. it's great, i always feel good after that.

  21. I'm looking for an ana buddy. You can email me at

  22. i deffinitly think an ana buddy would help! i dont have on ebut i'd love one!

  23. I am looking for an ana buddy... I recently lost mine. She was a great friend of mine who I know in person, and while I may not have physically lost her in a sense, we are no longer speaking. As silly as I may sound, she put God before our relationship because she was brainwashed into thinking she can't have friends of different religions. (I'm a Buddhist.) I've realized I've gone way off topic... basically, I am a 15 year old girl who is looking for an ana buddy.
    -Ashley, XO

  24. I never had ana buddies and I am really curious about it! I think it could really help with not just staying motivated but also going through the downs I so often meet...
    Anyhow, if any of you want one, just email me:
    and this is my blog

    cheers+hugs, girls!

  25. I so need an ana texting buddy so comment on my page or something if you want to and i'll give you my number or something

  26. I need, need, need an ana buddy. Someone to motivate and understand. If anyone else needs one too, check out my page : )

  27. hey i realy need an ana buddy! im desperate its so hard by my self any offers? i need someone who txts me randomly and calls me fat and is strict with me! help! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. my mobile number (uk) 07582649128


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