Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friendly Competition?

Anyone interested in a competition? You get money if you win! :) In order to join, post a comment on this post with your stats, and give updates on your progress on this page. I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys would please spread the word, we need to have enough people for this competition to begin.

Should we do this by the percentage of weight lost from the starting weight? Or just determine the winner by the total amount of weight lost? 

I was inspired by other blogs doing competitions, and thought it would be a good idea. If enough people are interested, the competition will begin on May 10th, this Tuesday, and end June 10th. The prize for the winner will be most likely be money, because I'm not creative enough to make a really nice ED bracelet. Anyone is very welcome to join, but I won't be able to mail out the prize if you live outside the US. 

I'm quite a competitive person, competition greatly motivates me, so I hope that this provides a little inspiration. If you have any ideas about the competition, please let me know in a comment! :)

Comment Replies: Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I truly appreciate and love your insight.
unbeautiful- Thank you, I hopefully haven't risen above 104 lbs today! (Haven't stepped on a scale today). I really, really wish I could switch camps, but it's impossible now, too late. I'll do my best to stay safe, thank you a million for your concern and help! :)
Nikki- Thank you for commenting! :) I'm still far above my GW, but hopefully I'll get there soon! Good luck on your progress, stay beautiful!
thin_thighs- I love your internal thoughts that you wrote! Congrats on burning a ton of calories at the gym and good job on doing the ab workouts, you'll have a lovely six-pack in no time! :) Don't you just love the sore feeling the next day after an ab workout? I love it, it reminds me to stick with it. I'm glad my comment helped a bit, but it was really YOU with the incredible strength to continue, to exercise, and begin a beautiful fresh start! Don't stress, I adore reading long comments! Thank you so much for commenting, have a lovely day, you deserve it! :)
Almost Alex- Thank you very much for your comment! I'll be heading over to your new blog soon! :) 
Dani- You're very brave, I'm afraid of hitting my head on something sharp, I'm a little paranoid. :) Thank you so much for your comment! 
Emmmmm.- I actually counted the "m"s in your name, I'm still not sure if I have it quite right! Thank you times a million for your concern and sympathy, it made me feel much, much better knowing you're there for me. :) Thank you for commenting!
~christy~- Plateaus are awful, I hope I don't hit another for a while! Thank you very very much for your concern and advice about IT, it truly makes me feel safer knowing that you care. I'll get through it, safely I hope. I'm so sorry that you have gone through the same thing, but I hope that we can one day rise above what happened, and become stronger, and more amazing than before, because what happened doesn't define us. Thank you for your comment, stay beautiful! :)
Just Jessica- I was so excited when I saw your comment with "", thinking you really did find a place where ana buddies get matched up haha. Maybe we can create one! :) Thank you so much for commenting, have a lovely day!
AlwaysStriving- I absolutely hate plateaus, they're just awful, but hopefully I won't hit another for a while. :) Thank you incredibly for your concern about IT, I hope I can get through the program safely. I'm sorry that you have also gone through so much, but it shows that we are strong and determined and can keep our heads up, no matter what life throws at us. Thank you very much for your comment! :) 
Sara- Thank you for your kind words, you made me smile! Living in a real soap opera would be kinda neat, everyone always wears gorgeous clothes and incredibly thin. Thanks for commenting! :) 
Thin Thrills- Hello to you too! :) Plateaus are awful, I'm hopefully not hitting another one anytime soon. Thank you for your comment and the fat free love!


  1. WOO! I loooove the idea! And I'm so competitive so maybe I'll lose a little :)
    Height: 5'4"
    Current Weight: 110

  2. Count me in!

    Here are my current stats: (Don't Barf! haha)

    I think total amount of weight lost would be less confusing.


    I'm stoked for this!

  3. Hi I recently found your blog its great (:

  4. height 5' 5"
    Current weight: 167 (wow, i'm a pig)

  5. Height 5'4"
    current weight 116lbs

    (this is sick!)

  6. I might join you. :) I'll have to put a lot of thought into it, though I 'll tell you before the end of the 10th.

  7. I'm joining the competition ^_^ I posted the stats on that page. I'm not really a competitive person(i fail at most of things) but i'll give it a try.

    Hope you have a nice day!

  8. ugh this is super embarassing but I really want to join so here goes:
    185 lbs

  9. oooh I wanna play! lol


    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 148


  10. I'd love to join in! really need some motivation for my hols!

    154lbs :(

  11. im clumsy ive had 2 differetn set of stitches in my head im use to it and im not brave hun im just to stupid or too scared to ask for help
    ima join but u might had to remind me to update my status i go back and forth between recovery

    last time i weighed um on sat i was 103 lbs

  12. Height: 5'6
    Weight: 165

    I'm down for some competition

  13. thnx for following. And I want to join in too. :)

  14. I am so joinging! Sorry for the late entry!
    weight: 47kg
    It's on bitches!

  15. I'm in!

    I'm 5'7 and currently 163. I just posted "before pics" on my blog this afternoon. It has all my measurments and fat for the world to see lol.

  16. You are to sweet. thank you for the comment I think the drawing pic will go up tomorrow so check back!

    Competition ugh that scares meeeeee

    I dont think i will participate it is to hard with my bf.

    Good Luck though
    Stay Strong and beautiful
    <3 Jess

  17. i'll play if it's not too late:

    h: 5'3"
    w: 125

    definitely do percentage because it's biologically easier for a heavier person to lose weight.

    but here's a calculator so you don't have to think too much

  18. i'll play if it's not too late:

    h: 5'3"
    w: 125

    definitely do percentage because it's biologically easier for a heavier person to lose weight.

    but here's a calculator so you don't have to think too much

  19. I would love to join in! :)
    My most recent stats are as follows!

    CH: 4 ft. 11 in.
    CW: (as of before I left for my cruise) 153 lbs.

    Yeeeeah, not stoked about that.
    But it shall change! ;)
    I am so excited for this!!!


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