Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Weigh-In

Today is Friday, finally, which means it's the first weigh-in day for the contest! Please give an update on your progress. Don't stress if you think you haven't lost much yet, it's only the first few days of the competition! I know you all are doing amazing and giving your best efforts. In the end, it'll absolutely be worth it.

Since all the lovely contestants are posting their weigh-ins, I've weighed in also. 104 pounds. Still. I've had 335 calories total, for breakfast and lunch, I need to push myself to do better. Ate a small green apple (80 cal) for lunch, taking 30 minutes to finish it, I'm not entirely sure how that happened. 

I'm beginning to wonder whether I have an eating disorder or not. I'm quite positive these thoughts are mine, they belong to me, they're part of my identity, how could that be a disorder? It's me that restricts, it's me that chooses to, it's me that does that, even though it can be hell, there are no other voices in my head. Or maybe the ED has tangled itself into my thoughts, blurring the line until it's impossible to tell if it's really me.

Comment Replies:
thin and bones-  I'll change the comment form back to the old method! :) Good luck on the competition, stay beautiful!
Almost Alex-  Thank you for joining the competition! I'm sure you'll do amazing. :)
alice ana- Thank you for joining the contest! I'm glad you're very competitive, I crave winning also. Good luck, I know you'll do great! :)
thin_thighs- I'm glad you're joining the competition! You're a very strong person, I'm sure you have a shot at winning! Good luck, stay strong, stay beautiful!
Thin or Not- The ABC diet is intense, it's a great method! Good luck and thank you for joining the competition! :)


  1. at least u didnt gain like me

  2. lost 1 kg, that is, I'm 43 today. I just hope I will keep on loosing weight. Stay focused and motivated! xoxo

  3. Sometimes i'm also wandering if eating disorder affects my thoughts. It's difficult to tell if my view is distorted because when i look in the mirror i clearly see that i need to lose weight but i also see some of the bones sticking out. So it's not like i always see myself as a fat girl. I just don't see myself as a thin girl. But people tell me i'm thin. And i can see that i'm not. I'm average. But i don't feel comfortable being average. And i know for sure that these are my thoughts. Maybe an eating disorder doesn't plant these thoughts but the thoughts plant the eating disorder. We strive for perfection and eating disorder is just a consequence when we can't find another way to change ourselves.

  4. I'm 160.6, so I've lost .4 pounds. Not too much, but at least its something.

  5. I've begin to think that some days too, but I just pass it off as teenager worries. I see this...average girl, but people say I'm a twig and I've been asked how I've lost weight, so maybe I'm seeing the wrong thing.

  6. I couldnt update yesterday, I just couldnt get on blogger :S Anyways Im done 0,8 lbs..
    Just wanted to say I wont be doing the SKG, still not sure what I will be doing but ya :)

  7. can i join the competition please?
    i did comment thursday, but then my internet/blogger fucked up.
    i'm 5'2 and 109 lbs. i'll be restricting/fasting/exercising :)

  8. ugg.. I cant spell lol.. Im down* not done lol

  9. I am now a mess of 152.6 pounds. Though I have weighed myself after I've eaten a yogurt and a salad and drunken a gallon of Diet Soda.
    I'll be sure to remember Friday's weigh in next time!

  10. havent lost a damn thing, fml :(

  11. hiya :) couldnt weigh until today!! im 148.8 lbs, ill do better next week =) good luck to all of you! ^^

  12. No weigh in for me until Sunday. :(
    I am pretty much starting my own competition with myself today.
    The less food, the better, as well as tons of exercise! :D
    Hope you are doing all right!
    Hang in there and stay strong love! <3

  13. I didn't lose anything as of Friday, still 108 :/

  14. was still 136 on friday, sorry it took me so long to get online. xx


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