Tuesday, April 19, 2011

you deserve to be told


A genuine compliment is one of the best things in the world, they make you feel loved and happy and special all at once. They come when you least expect it, a beautiful surprise. A compliment is powerful, because you connect with another human, you let them know you appreciate them in your life. 

Just a few words like...
"Your hair is gorgeous,"
"Your smile is beautiful,"
"I think you're such a nice person,"
"I like your outfit,"
"Thank you for being a great friend"
"You're so skinny,"
can save someone's life.

Compliments cut straight through me...and go right to my heart, they really do. It makes my day, even my week sometimes. So today, give one genuine compliment to someone. Spread the happiness, I'm sure they will return the nice gesture one day. :)

Comment on this post and you get a free, genuine compliment. I'll look through your blog or profile and give you an honest compliment, because you all deserve one. :)

Comment Replies: 
Alex- Everything's alright in my neighborhood, I'm very thankful. I also have a suspicion some of those pictures may be altered. I agree, I've never personally experienced too much of a "good thing." I can never have enough good grades, money, friends, love, or happiness. Thanks for the comment!
GraceyJ- I'm envious of your height! 110 lbs sounds like a perfect weight for you! Thanks for commenting!
SimplyHeather- Thanks for the concern, most people are doing fine. :) Natural disasters are terrible. Thanks for commenting!
Nikki- Welcome new follower! :) You're right, I also think there's a difference between thin and sick. Thanks for commenting! 
time to pretend- I agree, I also have no desire to look like a complete skeleton. Wow what a coincidence! I wonder if I know you in real life! I hope everything's okay in your neighborhood and that nothing was damaged at your house. The tornado was awful, just terrible. But it did bring out the good in many people and I'm happy that we're all helping each other. Thanks for the comment!
Caro- I absolutely love "Savior" too! I love many of their songs, "The Strength to Go on", "Good Left Undone", and much, much more. I'll listen to Bright Eyes, I like listening to new bands. Thanks for the comment!
an<3nym<3us- I can relate to how goal weights get lower and lower. I used to want 105 lbs, then 100 lbs, and now it's 95 lbs. Thanks for the concern, my neighborhood is fine. :) Thanks for the comment!
Skinny_legs- I am completely terrified of growing hair (lanugo, or something like that?). I love what you said, "Thinner is better". Better too thin, than too fat! You were actually outside during a tornado?! You must be very brave, I'm glad you're okay! Thanks for commmenting! 
Little Jo- Yup, looking ill isn't that great. I think it'll be hard to know when to stop. Thanks for commenting!
nymph- You're almost there! :) I wonder who invented BMI, and if it's really reliable. Thanks for your comment! 

Jumped on the scale today... The needle hoovers between 104 and 105. I estimate 104.5 pounds. 9.5 more until my goal. Let's do this. 


  1. 9.5 god you are so close! you can make it listen to your body and take as much time as it needs. And yes i was outside ha but defiantly not on purpose, but I'll tell you I've never felt rain with so much force.
    Stay skinny xo

  2. oh my you are so cute. i love posts like these...

    i love getting compliments but i always find a way to prove to myself that either the person has an ulterior motive or didn't actually mean it. it's a dumb mind set, but sometimes things like that are difficult to stop, you know?

    9.5 is so close! keep at it, beautiful girl! lots and lots of love,

  3. i love getting compliments , never believe them but still love hearing it haha .. maybe deep down i do believe them a little. idk haha

  4. this is freaking adorable(: and yes i was wondering the same thing! thankfully the tornado did not touch down by my house, although i was home alone and panicking! haha, oh and a compliment for you...i love your blog! and your from the north cack so obviously a great girl!

  5. This post just turned my pooey day into a much better day! Sometimes we forget the small things so we lose sight of the bigger picture. My compliment to you is that your posts always make me smile and feel like I'm not alone in this fight. You are amazing for that :) Cheers!

  6. What you say is so true. I know when I get a compliment my heart leaps. It makes me feel like all my hard work is paying off. Great post, it certainly did make me smile and think :)

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  8. You truly are an inspiration... and a very cute one, too! Thank you so much for making me smile, it was just what I needed.

    104.5? WOW, girl, you're so very very very close! Keep it up, and you'll reach your UGW in absolutely no time!

    Let's do this! ;)
    Lots of love,

  9. I just found your blog today.

    This post made my day.

    Thank you :)


  10. I love compliments. From a stranger, they're so sweet and heartfelt. From the right person, they can mean everything. I wish I got more of them, to be completely honest. But maybe I'm simply vain :)

  11. I like this post. Depending on the compliment, they make my day too. :)
    You are so close to your goal. Keep working for it. :)

  12. Your post is so very true!
    Even though I am not good at accepting them, compliments make my day!
    People do not realize just how far one small compliment could reach.
    That is why I always try to make people feel good, even if it is just something as simple as telling someone to "Have a good day!" on the elevator ride back up to my dorm room.
    One small compliment from you could have such drastically positive outcomes that you could not even imagine.
    THAT is why I try to spread happiness wherever I go. :)
    THAT is why it is all worth it!
    Best of luck, love, and thank you so much for always commenting on my blog!
    It means so much. <3

  13. I think I tend to overcompliment. I really just think that if someone liked something that I was wearing or something I did or something about me that I would want to know about it. I assume other people feel the same way, so if I like something you are doing, I'll tell you.

    Speaking of which, this seems like a good time to tell you that I love your blog. I'm kind of glad it's not longer, because I feel like I'm spamming your inbox with comments


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