Monday, April 11, 2011

bikini=ultimate test

I bought a plain black bikini swimsuit, exactly like the one in the picture above. Ha if only I had exactly her body. The price was amazing, $6 for the top, $6 for the bottom. I tried it on and I had a mini heart attack when I looked into the dressing room mirror. I'm definitely not fit to wear a bikini yet. 

At the beach, I always feel like people are looking at me, judging my stomach, my thighs, my body. I'm so self-conscious. The thought of wearing a bikini motivates me incredibly. Once I hit my goal weight (95 lbs), I will have model-like confidence in a swimsuit, hopefully!

What type of swimsuit is your favorite (bikini, bandeau, one-piece, etc)? Do you feel confident in a swimsuit at the beach or at the pool? 

Comment Replies:

Neeska- A muscular, athletic build is gorgeous! You will be strong AND thin! :) Thank you for your comment, it motivated me! 
Alex- I love the "destination in mind, but no end in sight" sentence! 100 is a pretty number! Good luck and thanks for the comment! :)
lulu- Congrats on having a four pack! That's amazing! I'm sure the other 2 will appear soon. Good luck and thank you for the comment! :)
Alexa_K- Thank you for commenting! :) I think we'll always be setting lower and lower goal weights. Good luck on yours, and we can do this! 
GraceyJ- Thanks for commenting! I think I'll also want to go lower, because success and thinness is addicting. I'll always want to be a pound lower, even when I do hit the GW.
nymph- Congrats, you're almost at your goal weight! :) I'm positive you will weigh the same as her one day, or possibly even lower! Thanks for commenting! 
EWC- I love how we have the same goal weight. I can't wait until we both feel weightless! Thanks for the comment! (:

Thank you for reading this post! :) I wish you all luck in reaching your goal weights and a congrats ahead of time for reaching your goal weights, because I know you all have the courage and strength to reach them.

Leave a comment if you want, I'll always reply in the next post! :)


  1. I've never felt comfortable in a swimsuit. Ever. Kudos on the bikini. I am nowhere close to where I need to be for even a one piece.

  2. I found this bikini at Victoria's Secret that I would die for. I think I'm going to live by your example and buy it and use it as my motivation...and I hate going anywhere in which I am showing even remotely any skin. You are going to look fabulous in that bikini :)YAY!

  3. I haven't worn a swimsuit since I was a child. Swimsuits, even the most concealing ones, are much too revealing for me. I don't want anyone to notice my body for any reason. Maybe that's why I want to shrink and shrink until it has disappeared.

  4. HI there,
    This is such a good idea, I crave the summer weather and if I get a bikini now it will act as motivation! I hope I can get as good a deal as you!
    You are gonna look amazing!

  5. that top black one is my bikini! wierdd. I like this blog, hi girly. Sending many skinnies


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