Saturday, April 2, 2011

Points System

Thanks for the comments on the last post! :) They brought a smile to my face and helped me keep self-control today. You guys are absolutely amazing!!

I have this system that helps me stay on track. It's sorta like a game, to see how many points I can get in a day or week. A certain amount of points lets me choose a reward.

Points System: 

15 pts- Burning Over 400 Calories: 
10 pts- 8-10 Hours of Sleep
1 pt- Glass of Water
15 pts- Loosing a Pound
0.5 pts- Per Situp
0.5 pts- Per Lunge
15 pts- Skipping Meal 
50 pts- Fasting
2 pts- Looking at Thinspo
2 pts- Per 10 Min. of Walking
15 pts- No Snacks Whole Day
5 pts- Saying No Thanks to Food
20 pts- Under 500 Calories
30 pts- Under 300 Calories
5 pts- Resisting Cravings


20 pts - Facebook for 1 Day
100 pts- manicure at home
100 pts- reading 1 page of a favorite magazine (Seventeen, National Geographic (I love reading about other places), etc)
250 pts- small piece of chocolate
300 pts- movie
300 pts- hour of TV
300 pts- new makeup
300 pts- new bracelet
400 pts- lingerie
500 pts- new clothing

Today was a success, I think. :) Breakfast was 10 red grapes (35 calories). Lunch was tiny slice of black forest ham (20 calories). Dinner was 1/3 cup of Honey Nut Cheerios (36 calories). 35 + 20 + 36= 91 Calories Total. My addition skills are definitely improving.

If you're feeling restless and bored, try cleaning the house and straightening things up. It burns calories and makes everything feel nice and tidy. :) Take as many trips as possible, for example if there's several books downstairs, carry them one at a time upstairs.

Whenever a new magazine arrives in the mail, I put it in a stack, unread. I allow myself to read them when I've gotten enough points. It's hard not to just read a magazine all at once, but the reward helps me stay on track. What are your "rewards" for doing well? Do they help motivate you? 


  1. I love your idea for a points system! Amazing job on your intake:)
    Think skinny girl.

  2. ilove the thinspo pics (:
    sounds like you had a good day! awesome hehe

  3. Great system!!
    Congratulations for your intake :D
    Thanks for your comment :)


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