Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Size 0

These are my pair of size 0 shorts. 

Size 0. The number zero looks like an empty, starving stomach. The number itself looks round, plain, and fat, completely unlike the beautiful girls that wear the size zero. 

I wear a size 2 (US) in jeans, but my jeans are starting to feel loose lately. :) I can fit into my size 0 shorts, but they feel a little tight, and my legs look awful in them. That will change soon, if I can keep my self-control. It seemed a bit strange to me how when we're young, we grow and grow and our clothing sizes keep going up. But when we're grown up, we go backwards, like going through the past, going down sizes. What comes after size 0? There should be negative sizes. -1, -2, -3... 

Congrats to Kay for sticking to her fast!! I joined her on her fast, but yesterday I had to eat dinner with the family. 5 small meatballs = 220 calories. :( Today I'll have to eat dinner with the family again. 

What size are you? What size do you want to be?

Comment Replies:

Skylar- Thank you for your comment! :) Yup the past was definitely a simpler time! We might not be able to anything we want now, but we can still be tiny. :)
jackie- Thank you for commenting! You're definitely right, it's time for me to make new memories here in the present. :)
GraceyJ- Thanks for the comment! I'm honored you're reading my blog. :)


  1. Thanks for your comment! I'm reading through your blog and I really like what you're doing. Your writing is so real!
    I started my weight loss journey at size 9 - disgusting! I would like to get back to a 3 or smaller by summer. I know I am losing weight but I've been to broke to even look at new jeans so who knows what size I am now!
    Keep up the great work girl! I can't wait to read about your progress :)

  2. I started at size 12- ugh!, now I am down to a size 8, but they are starting to feel loose so I might finally be down to a size 6! Like you I would love to be a size zero. Hopefully before i start high school next fall!
    Please keep writing, I find your posts to be both raw and inspiring!
    Stay Strong :)

  3. I'm a size disgusting. I'm jealous of your size two.

    Goal jeans are the best! And its such a tangible accomplishment when you can finally fit into them.

  4. So true about being able to be tiny girlie;) I'm a size 0 right now but I want smaller. You'll get into those 0's in no time:)
    xo Sky

  5. If only I could be a size 0. You are my inspiration <3 I'm a size 12 right now and it disgusts me being stuck in this body. Thank you for your blog...def one of my top faves.

  6. Wow, nearly a zero thats inspiring :)
    I'm a US6 right now and ideally I'd like a 2 or at most a 4 <3

  7. Love this post and the thinspo. :) And congratulations to both you and Kay for going through with the fast!
    I'm a size 0/00 (after losing some weight recently). But I still look cruddy in both and I would love to be able to actually be comfortable in both sizes. :)

  8. i bet your legs look fucking awesome in size zero shorts! cant get much smaller then zero!!!

    <3 xx

  9. I am now down a size. I was 13 for the longest time, but my pants have been falling off of me. I went shopping with my friend yesterday and walked past a table of shorts and thought...what the hell i'll try em on. Thinking that the size 11 that I tired would be to small so i'd be motivated to not eat cause I was getting hungry. But they fit!!! I was so excited I came out of the fitting room smiling and she asked me what was up. The 11 aren't even tight!
    Next is size 9!

  10. i started at a size 1.. i know not very big, but i never was verryy big.. just big enough that it bothered me. and still bothers me. i'm at a size 00 right now and i'm still too fat. i love AE, and i know that you can order online size 000 jeans.. god i want to get to that. only one more size to drop..


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