Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Your calorie intake each day should be..."

2, 500 calories!" my teacher said this morning. "And you should be eating even more if you exercise."

NO. NO. NO!!!

I wanted so badly to yell that at him. To make him realize he's wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG. I understand that for some people who are very athletic, they do need 2, 500 calories daily. But he was saying that everyone needs almost 3, 000 disgusting calories a day.

According to a calculator online,, my body only needs 1, 500 calories each day, even if I'm doing little or no exercise. But I prefer staying under 500. 

Will eating 2, 500 calories make me look like her? I highly doubt it.

I binged today. :( 1, 400 calories. Holy crap. It's painful to write that number. I'm so ashamed of myself. I feel incredibly, awfully guilty. And I should. I ate a bunch of granola bars, chocolate pretzels, and bread. I'm a complete failure. Oh well I can start pursuing a dream of becoming a reverse thinspo model. :( The whole time I was gorging myself on anything I could find, the other half of me was yelling at me. Do you want your thighs to jiggle when you walk?! Why are you doing this?? You're stronger than this! Food is nasty! You are what you eat, so YOU are nasty! Stop it! Now! This is why you're fat!! Think about how you'll look in a swimsuit! This is all your fault! You have no control!

I wish I had listened. Now I'm sad, angry, and fat. That's not a good combination.. I'm so sorry everyone. :( I will do better tomorrow, I promise! And if I fail again, I'll go apply for a job as a model for reverse thinspo. 

How do you avoid binges? Do you look at thinspo, talk to yourself, etc? What do you eat during binges? Why can't I just binge on celery or something.. :(

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post! You guys are amazing!

Jennie- Thanks for the comment!! Good luck with your goal! I know you can get there. :)
Maddi- Congrats on going down 4 sizes! That's awesome! We'll both get to size 0s, I'm sure. :)
jackie- Thanks for commenting! Yup jeans are a great way to measure progress. :)
Skylar- I'm so jealous of you for being a size 0! Size 0 = gorgeous! Thanks for the comment! :)
Neeska- Awh thanks for the comment! :) We'll both be tiny soon!! Stay strong! <3
Anna Rose- Thank you for commenting! Good luck on your goal! I'm positive you'll get there! 
Alexa_K- Thanks for your comment! :) I am so so jealous of you! Congrats on being a size 0/00! You inspire me! 
GraceyJ- Thank you very much! :) That made me smile!
ToxicwasEDgal- Congrats on going down a size! It means you have great self-control! You'll get even lower!! :) 

Thank you for reading my blog! :) Stay strong! <3 


  1. Thank you for following my blog! No matter what you binge on, even fat free ice cream, if it's enough to stretch your stomach it's enough to make you gain weight. SO ...portions are key and changing the way you think about food is VERY important to avoid mindless binges. I used to binge and over-excersize and then I weighed that I'm eating less and working out I weigh 111.5. Hope this helps! What is your goal and current weight?

    Friend me on fb: Dina Roumeliotis

  2. To avoid binges, I find something that leaves a gross aftertaste, like my HALLS cough drops. Then I lose my appetite. I suggest finding something you stongly dislike, or finding something that will keep your mouth entertained, like minty gum. :D
    Keep going girly~ ^^

  3. Aww sweetie! Binges are always a hard thing to go through, I went through one yesterday as well. Just take it as a lesson. :) Every road to skinny has its ups and downs. :)
    As for avoiding binges, I honestly think about how hard it will be to put down on my blog after the day is done. :) I hope this helps, stay strong sweetie!

  4. hehe im glad i made you smile =]

    i tend to look at a bunch of thinspo to avoid binges..
    i would have wanted to yell at that teacher LOL

  5. Whenever I'm about to binge, I usually go and take a shower, then dry my hair. It takes me about 45 minutes and by then i don't feel hungry anymore.
    That teacher is crazy! I mean 2,500 calories, that's just gross!

  6. :( that teacher is literally insane. unless u ate at mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch and supper it would be hard to hit the 2500 mark jesus!

  7. 2500 calories? Oh my God! This is for an elephant xD
    That teacher is terribly crazy haha
    A big kiss, princess!!

  8. 1,400 isn't a bad binge, at least you are still below your needed intake= a miniscule weight loss.

  9. I hate binges I binged yesterday you did better than me though. I hit the 2000 calories mark I hate that number 2000. and your teacher is insane and so are the books he learned that from the calculator tells me if I want to wiegh 90lbs to only eat 1300 a day. I try to stay at 1000 at the most but i really like to stay at 600 or less.

    Im sorry you binged but at least it wasnt a horrible horrible unreversable binge. Just try to exercise a little harder to burn off the extra calories and next time you feel a binge coming on or feel like you just cant stop thinking of food. read a book, take a walk, clea, eat a salad with out salad dressing. or drink a big cup of hot chicken broth it makes you feek full because it is warm.

    I hope this helps hun.
    Keep strong.

  10. i try to postpone binges.

    "I'll eat after I do the dishes"

    "Well, I'm already here, I can eat once the rest of the kitchen is clean"

    "Now I'm tired from cleaning. I'll eat after I have a cigarette"

    And so on. Eventually I'm to tired to make food, or I have to go to bed or something and I avoid it. Otherwise I just try and be happy that I put it off so its longer until I'm hungry again.


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