Monday, April 18, 2011

does "too thin" exist for you?

Do you feel like there's a limit on how far you can go before you consider yourself "too thin"? 

My goal weight is 95, I know that it won't be too skinny. I'll most likely want to go lower once I get there. I've never actually seen a "too thin" girl in real life, ever, so I'm not sure if there's a limit on how far you can go. There is a friend of mine that weighs 89 pounds and is 5 ft 4 (I'm almost positive she has an ED). However, she doesn't look unhealthy at all, she has plenty of hair, and her clothing looks great on her. I'm an inch shorter than her, so I'm pretty sure I can still be safe if I aim for 90 pounds. I'm far from becoming extremely skinny (last time I weighed, I was 106 lbs), but I'm waiting for the day when I'm standing on the line between very thin and "too thin".

I got 9 beautiful hours of sleep last night and still craved more this morning.

A tornado hit my town over the weekend. I have only heard of one confirmed casualty, but several neighborhoods were destroyed and I'm praying for everyone to be safe. My power is back, but one of my friends won't have electricity until Wednesday.

Comment Replies:
jackie- Your concern meant more than you can imagine to me. Thank you so much, it made me feel  much better as soon as I read it. I took your advice and ate more today and my body is feeling less weak. Thank you again, you're truly a great person!
EWC- Thank you, you truly helped me get through my period of insanity. I hope you are having an amazing day today, you deserve it, for improving my day yesterday and today!
Caro- Rise Against is my favorite band! What's your favorite song of theirs? I hope you get another bracelet, I'd love to be able to identify others wearing ED bracelets while I'm wearing mine! Thanks for commenting!
Nichole S.- Crying does help me too, it's like the emotions are pouring out with the tears. Thank you very much for commenting, I'm glad you understand how I feel, it makes me feel less alone.
Ana's Addict- Thank you so much for your comment, it really made me feel better! Exercise is a wonderful idea, I think I read a study where it was proven to lift people's mood. I'm glad you're feeling light today! :)

I'm much better today, thank you so much to everyone who either read or commented yesterday. You guys keep me going.


  1. Tornados ripped straight through the South. We had to pull off the highway because the sirens were going off. I hope everything is alright <3

    Now to answer the question, I'm sure there is... somewhere. Like those pictures they use as scare tactics for EDs. Those girls are sickly, with sunken in cheeks, gaunt eyes, and you can see every bone in their body. But I'm not entirely sure that they're not 'shopped, you know? In real life, though, I've never seen a girl that was too thin.

    You can never be too thin or too rich :)

  2. i do have a limit on too thin but i doubt ill ever get close to it.
    im 5'7 and want to be 110lbs.
    too skinny for me would probably be under 99

  3. Either your really thin or your just skin and bones. I don't think theres a too thin. I hope nobody was harmed by the tornadoes. How sad :(

  4. New follower!!! The tornado sounded scary, and for me personally there will never be to thin I have seen some sick bodies but never to thinXoxo

  5. a) there is a limit for too thin (aka looking like a skeleton) but that is the only limit
    b)thanks, i loved your idea of the five things you love/hate!!

    and most importantly.....'
    c) I LIVE IN YOUR AREA!! after seeing your comment, i clicked on your profile and saw you live in nc, then this post about the tornado...i live in nc too! and the tornado was the scariest thing ever!

  6. Hmmm.... It's definitely a tie between "Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" and "Savior". I've also taken a liking to "Architects" off their new album. <3

    They used to be my favorite band until I discovered Bright Eyes. <3

  7. hmmm it is a weird question to answer 'cause personally when I lose weight I ALWAYS think "I will feel so much skinnier at that weight" but when I get to it I don't. I don't think I will ever feel far too skinny but I hope that when I reach my goal weight I'm happier with myself.

    Hope you're alright and that there isn't too much damage done x

  8. Interesting post!
    I suppose I'll be to thin if my body starts growing that hair to keep itself warm..but that is sooo far off. Thinner is better.
    I hope you were safe through the tornado's, i was caught outside during a rager of a tornado last weekend. the wind and rain were ridiculous.

  9. Im not really sure...i think when you start to look 'ill' then its too thin, but until that line is reached, you can never be thin enough x

  10. Too thin for me is a BMI lower than 16... Then, my guess, you start to look ill.
    My goal weight is 110, which is a BMI of 16.5...
    I'm 18.7 right now, so I still have a while to go... ):

  11. I've been away, failing, but I am back now and raring to go once more! :)
    To answer your question, you are only too thin if you look sickly at the weight you are.
    That is when you are too thin.
    As long as you look healthy, I would say that you are fine. :)
    So sorry to hear about the tornado; you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Best of luck, love! <3

  12. tornados!? frick we still have snow and spring started a month ago :( i do think that there is a "too thin" im 138lbs but im muscular and workout 6 days a week, i know girls who are 128lbs and they are wearing much bigger sizes than me and they never beleive me when i tell them what i weigh. its kinda nice when people guess me to be 110lbs lol. :) i think based on my body type, that 110lbs would be good, but anything lower i would look very very sick. however... ill never know that for sure until i get there

  13. I'm really tall and have a fairly broad ribcage, so I think my idea of too thin is higher then most. Probably anything lower then 110 and I would Even at 145 you can count my ribs if I put my hands above my head. When you can count your ribs all the time you are thin. When you can count the ribs in the back all the time you are very thin. When your ass caves inward and you look like you have aids, you are too thin


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