Friday, April 8, 2011

trapped in a fishbowl

I was watching my beta fish swim around in clockwise circles, wondering what his world was like, pitying him for not being able to leave, when I realized, I live in a fishbowl too. I'm stuck here behind glass, seeing the world in a distorted view, watching everyone else. But it's my reality, maybe I'm right and the world really is this way. I'm stuck going around in circles full of recycled thoughts and recycled patterns. I want to leave this fishbowl sometimes, but I can't get out, it's impossible. 

Maybe I'm insane. But nobody's ever completely sane which means everyone's slightly insane. I guess that means I'm normal. But I've always wanted to be better than normal, wanted to be something remarkable, beautiful, unique. I've always wanted to fit in and stand out at the same time. I want to make an impression, I want to be remembered. Otherwise, it'll be like I never existed.

Went on an hour long walk today. Walking doesn't make me tired or sore, so it's almost as good as playing tennis. Exercise is extremely important. It not only burns calories, it builds muscle, so your body doesn't destroy your muscles instead of the fat.

What's your favorite sport or exercise? How many calories does it usually burn?

Comment Replies:

pinkredsoxgirl- Thank you for your great advice! Congrats on your new weight! My CW is 107 lbs, my height is 5 ft 3". I need to remember to put my CW in every post. Thanks for the comment! :)
nymph- Good idea! Maybe I'll chew ice. Thank you for commenting! :)
Alexa_K- I absolutely love what you said "Every road to skinny has its ups and downs."! It's so true and I'll try to keep a positive attitude like yours. Thanks for your comment and stay strong! <3
GraceyJ- I think I'll start carrying some thinspo around with me, maybe in my phone. Thank you so much for the comment! (:
Maddi- Thank you for the advice! I'll definitely try that. :) Thanks for the comment!
lulu- Haha that's so true! A person would have to try extremely hard to reach 2, 500! Thanks for commenting!
Sofia- You're right! :) Thank you very much for the comment!

Thank you for reading! :) 

To all followers: You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you for giving me strength everyday and inspiring me to reach my goals. 


  1. My favorite is dancing.
    I'm truely inspired by you. I feel like a fat ass 100 % of the time. I can't WAIT until I only weigh 107....

  2. My favorite sport is softball, I love the energy and my teammates are so supportive. Since I play two games I burn about 500 to 600 calories.
    I love your post! This sounds exactly like how i think but you make it sound so much better! Your blog really keeps me going.
    Stay Strong <3

  3. I love dancing and skating. I don't know, I think about 600cal/hour
    Kisses! :D

  4. i have thinspo in my phone hehe (: it helps!
    and i love that first picture!


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