Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Thousand Voices

Thousands and thousands of us writing our thoughts and ideas, writing about anorexia, EDNOS, bulimia, and other eating disorders. We want our voices to be heard, remembered, to inspire others. We search for others like us, for support, we don't want to be alone. There's so many of us, it could never be counted, and the numbers grow each day. 

We may have different goal weights, come from different countries and areas of the world, and have very different lives, but I'm proud to say that we all crave control, we desire perfection, we aim high for what we want, what we need. I'm proud to say that I have yet to see any of us say anything cruel or hurtful to another with an ED, I've only seen kind words and friendliness. I'm proud to say that every one of you is caring, supportive, and strong. 

So stay beautiful, everyone.
New Page: READ! 
I added a new page, called A Thousand Voices. I don't know if it's a good idea yet, but let's see. It's a list of links of inspiring, beautiful ED blogs, because our voices need to be heard and remembered. I added a few, I'm far, far from done. If you'd like your blog added, just leave your blog name and url in a comment. Please spread the word, I want to record as many as possible.
Comment Replies: (Even if you commented on an old post, I'll reply in the next post I write.)
unbeautiful- I'm glad you like it, it's currently my favorite. :) I'm also in love with a band called Rise Against. Thanks for commenting!
Nikki- Congrats on fitting into those jeans!! I can tell you have a lot of willpower. Thanks for your comment! :)
Honor Regzig- Thank you for your post today, it made my day to know that she's back. I love how your blog is inspired by her. :)
GraceyJ- Thanks, I'm very happy about that! :) I half hope I don't completely outgrow all my old clothes though, buying a new wardrobe would be expensive. Thanks for commenting!
Dragonfly- Thank you! You're almost there also! :) I hope you have an amazing day!
kes- It felt amazing, I hope to get even lower. I love them, I hope they release a new album soon. Thanks for commenting!
Ana's Addict- Thank you! :) I'm glad everyone's blogs are motivating today. Yes you're right, you do have the willpower and you can do it! The pain will all be worth it. I'm glad that you recognize that you are worthy of a size zero, you definitely deserve it. I hope you had an amazing Easter also! Thanks for commenting!
alice ana- Size 1 clothing is hard to find in my area. I own 1/2 jeans (I think it's halfway between 1 and 2). Congrats on being a size 00! There's triple zero on AE?! Buying those would be extremely motivating. Thanks for commenting!
lottie x- Thank you! :) I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it!
thin_thighs- I hope you had an amazing Easter! I'm excited for those workouts and low cal recipes! Everyone, check out the workout on her blog! Thanks for commenting! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for reading. :)


  1. I've been kind of looking for more blogs to read! I keep searching and finding ones that haven't had a post in months if not years or have been deleted. Happy :).

  2. oh i cant wait to drop a few sizes and get a COMPLETELY NEW WARDROBE oh how nice (:

  3. it's really sweet to say that everybody's so kind.. you're kind for saying it!
    the blog thing is a good idea :)
    you must be so patient to comment back on everyone's comments! haha, xxxx

  4. Here is a very large Thank You to your support. It has certainly helped me along, and keeps me smiling hopeful and strong throughout the day. You're an amazing girl! :)

  5. I love your new tab idea! Thanks for helping keep us all connected. You're right - we do need to be heard. Isn't that why each of us started a blog?

    It's important to realize that, while we are all struggling with similar eating issues, we all have our own unique perspectives. Your page will make comparing and relating to these perspectives all the more accessible. :)

    Keep it up.

  6. I love the idea of putting the blogs together in one place! Once I get my paper written and there's less stress on me, I'll most definitely have to check it out.

  7. Hmm... As an outsider, if theres one thing I've noticed about you girls, it is that you are all very friendly. Btw, Thanks for joining my blog! I hope it'll give you something to have a litle laugh about when you are feeling stressed.

  8. everyone thats spoken to me through my blog is inspiring, beautiful and so strong. Much stronger than me but i can feel thier strength in me everyday.
    and thanks for the blog links!

  9. Thanks for following me. Following back!


  10. i absolutely love that idea! that's exactly why i started mine earlier this month, because i needed to speak, to be heard, by somebody, anybody. to have support, understanding. i can't wait to go through the list when i have time!
    and ps i love rise against! was going to see them two years ago but was too late.. so i'm going to see them this summer!

  11. I am super excited about this new page of yours. :)
    I cannot wait to read more blogs and get even more inspired!
    Again, you seem to know exactly what to say to help keep me on track. :D
    What an amazing community we are a part of. :)
    I hope you had a fantastic day; you deserve it!
    Hang in there and stay strong, love! <3

  12. i love this post. honestly...its so nice to hear that you're beautiful even if u dont agree. it always helps me get back on track.


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