Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"these triggers ache for the touch, where's the strength we relied on"

I wear a pink and white braided bracelet, for EDNOS. (I do not currently meet the complete criteria for anorexia yet, which includes 3 consecutive missed periods.) Bracelet for ana is red, bracelet for mia is purple, EDNOS is pink. Seeing my bracelet on my wrist reminds me of my purpose and goals and keeps me strong, makes me remember that all around the world, others are wearing a bracelet like mine, for the same reasons, I'm not alone. I like having a bracelet to symbolize the thoughts in my head and my lifestyle, because tangible things reassure me, because they exist, they're real. It helps stabilize my unstable world.

Do you wear an ED bracelet? Have you seen anyone wearing one?

I'm planning to weigh myself next week, so I'll work extra hard and stay motivated for the scale. Obsessively weighing myself and still seeing 106 lbs isn't very inspiring... I need to do better.

Meal Plan Tomorrow:

Breakfast: throw away
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: unavoidable
Exercise: 2 hours of tennis

Comment Replies: Thank you for taking the time to comment, it inspires me and I love hearing all of your input.

jackie- I love the new Marie Antoinette quote you made! I think it's amazing how a few simple words said by her were remembered after many, many years, and are now famous. Your reason is inspiring to me, any reason is good, we're working towards a similar goal for different reasons, but the end result will be simply amazing for us both. Thank you for your comment! :)
Alex- I can definitely relate to the wish to disappear! I'm impressed by your determination, and also your vocabulary (intrinsic). :) Thank you so much for your comment!
Skittles- Avoiding neuro-degenerative senescence and less risk of cardio-vascular and digestive disorders are very good reasons. Becoming thin is beautiful and healthy! :) Thank you very much for commenting!
Alexa_K- That is a good reason! I'm glad you are working towards feeling positive about yourself and living a happier/easier life in general. :) Thank you so much for your comment!
sizeless- Thank you so much for commenting! Your comment made me smile and brightened up my day. :) We can and we will do this beautiful challenge. Good luck on your goals, I'll be reading your blog!
Olivia Lee- It's cool how you own the bikini in the picture! Thank you very much for commenting! :)
Tai- Thank you for your comment! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! :)


  1. i think i am going to start wearing one :)

  2. I used to wear red, not because I was ana, but because it reminded me not to eat. When my friends asked I told them it was a wishlet (wish on a thread bracelet and when it breaks the wish comes true). I didn't tell them that it was a reminder, and that the only wish on this bracelet was to be skinny. it broke. but I'm still fat.

  3. I do like wearing the bracelet. It's a comforting reminder of my goals and that I'm not alone in this struggle.

  4. I wore one, but it was just a red string. When I was at this guy I liked house he asked why I had a string, I told him I was using string to fix something and forgot to take it off. He was like ok, and I toke it off, but left it at his house. I am planing to make a pretty bead one soon with charms (A bone charm, cause I wish to see my bones, A feather, cause I wish to be light like one, ect.) Just little symbolic things...I will post a picture when it's complete. It's nice to know there are others who wear one too :)

  5. I had a few but my mum is a nurse so she constantly questioned me about them. Had to get rid. Good luck sweetheart but be careful. Don't over do it x

  6. I used to wear a purple ribbon, since I was mostly bulimic at the time. It was the same length as I wanted to waist to measure. I didn't know EDNOS had a color though. Maybe I'll make one.

  7. I just heard about these bracelets just the other day. I'm going to make a couple for myself.
    Good luck hun! Keep your head up! I hope you can acheive all your weight loss goals!

  8. I used to have a cool friendship type bracelet one, in red. because it was a design and not just a string no one asked.
    I'm defiantly going to get another, i guess i'm pink this time.
    good luck!

  9. Nice title. I LOVE Rise Against <3

    I made a red beaded bracelet, but the beads were crappy, so I only wore it for a day. I think the braiding idea is a good one. I might do that, too. :D

  10. I made a red friendship style bracelet which i wear conastantly. I also have a green one for 'fasting', orange for 'self-harm' and blue for 'depression'

  11. I don't have one yet. I think I'll make it myself. I'm pretty confident in my art skills and it seems more true to myself if it was made by me.

  12. I wear a red one for 'ana', blue one for 'ddepression', orange for 'self-harm'.

  13. White is for recovery... I wear a turquoise and white one, turquoise is for overweight, so to me it means, 'in recovery from fat'. I wear a pink and purple one also, for EDNOS, with bulimic tendencies. I want to be able to wear a red one again. I have a turquoise, purple and pink braided one too, the turquoise just reminds me that I'm fat and that I don't want to be anymore. Together with the pink and purple, it reminds me that purging every little thing, will help me get back to being underweight. I'm moving my xanga to here, so hopefully will get to know your blog some more =)

    I'll post once it's done.


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  15. I make my own bracelets too =)

    ^^ Ashen ^^


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