Wednesday, April 20, 2011

smiles are priceless

No matter how many times you give a smile out, you'll never run out. So smile. :) 

New BMI for yesterday's new weight of 104.5 lbs is 18.5. According to the website, below 18.5 is underweight range, and 18.5-24.8 is normal. So I'm technically standing on the line, of "normal" and "underweight". My GW will give me a BMI of 16.8. 

What's your BMI?

Today, I felt like a princess. Minus the castle and a knight on a white horse. But still, I felt gorgeous wearing a new short white dress that somehow made me look thinner and prettier, and gave me confidence. I received many compliments, which was just amazing and I was feeling so warm and fuzzy, it felt like a bunny was living inside me. 

Comment Replies: Thank you for commenting on my last post! I'm giving you all a guaranteed honest compliment.

jackie- I love reading your blog, because you are incredibly charismatic and it shines through in your writing. Your friendliness and caring is gorgeous, and you have a gorgeous face to match (I read some of your old posts and saw a picture you posted, I swear I'm not a creeper though!) Your inner and outer beauty is truly inspiring.
GraceyJ- You were the very first person to comment on my blog, when I had just started writing it and your comment definitely helped motivate me to continue. You're an inspiring person and I really admire your determination and your willpower. You have lots of personality and a great writing-style.
time to pretend- Thank you for the compliment! :) I admire your incredible self-control. Your blog shows that you are obviously a sweet, caring person, which is something to be very proud of.
Neeska- Thanks for the compliment! :) Your blog is full of lovely, inspiring thinspo, which is very motivating! Your writing is true and honest and feels like you're speaking directly to the reader, makes me feel like I'm sitting next to you while you talk about your day. I can tell you're truly a unique person.
FeatherWeight- I was reading your blog, and noticed that you do ballet and yoga. Dancers are so gorgeous and graceful; you're a dancer, so you inspire me. :) You are a wonderful writer, I loved the poem on the left side of your blog, it has a lot of meaning. 
determined girl- Blogs reflect the person who writes them. Your blog is gorgeous, inspiring, sweet, and optimistic. You are all those beautiful things and I hope you can see what a great person you are. <3
Africana- You must be a very special person, because you've built yourself an amazing life. An awesome husband, a happy family, and a great job. You are truly successful. I envy your strength, keep it up. :)
Alex- Don't worry, you're not vain, you deserve to feel good about yourself, because you have many reasons to. :) You are an absolutely amazing girl. I wish I knew someone exactly like you in real life. Your comments always bring me fresh insight and strength and your blog makes me feel less alone and I enjoy reading it very much.  
unbeautiful- Your username is wrong, you ARE beautiful, inside and out! I envy your ability to write poetry and I love your overall sense of positivity and optimism on your blog, it makes my day better.


  1. I like this post too. Smiles are always good.
    I'm glad you felt good today. I love days when I feel good.
    Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm not always a positive person. In fact, before this month I was very suicidal and depressed. Something about April turned me around. Everyone seems to like the positive me much better. Motivation to keep this me around. :)

  2. Your post made me smile :) I hope these good feelings continue for you. Congratulations on the BMI! You're such an inspiration to me <3

  3. aw, you are so sweet to do that for everyone :) I'm so glad you felt pretty today in a new white dress. You deserve it, beautiful girl!

  4. awwwh! your comment made me smile (: thaankyou hunnie

  5. your posts are so cute!
    smiling is always good. compliments are always good!
    i want a white dress like that.
    i'm glad you're feeling okay and that's all that matters. :)

  6. awwwww I'm glad you had such a good day :) x

  7. I always love seeing that you've blogged. I always come here and read them and I am always encouraged or inspired. I'm sure you looked amazing in that white dress, white dresses are one of my favorites as well. stay strong and beautiful sweet girl ***

  8. Thank you very much for following my blog!

    I'm glad you had a good day and hope the next days will also be good ◕‿‿◕

  9. You deserve to feel like a princess everyday :) we only have one chance at life and we can't let all the bullshit weigh us down and make us feel like a slave girl. We are all princesses! Thank you for the comment btw. It means so much to me and one day I'll share my BMI...when it's an appropriate BMI lol

  10. I absolutely love your blog!
    Each post is inspiring, and reminds me that I am a person of worth who needs to be good to herself.
    I have learned many good things from you already.
    I am so thankful I found you on here. :)
    You are an inspiration, you are a motivation, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me in the short amount of time I have been here thus far.
    But I can try. :)
    So thank you!!!! :D
    Best of luck, love. <3


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