Saturday, April 23, 2011

"so I will go on until the end"

They are one of my favorite bands.

Goals cannot be met without willpower. Strength. Control. Effort. But in the end, it will all be worth the pain you felt, because let's face it, starving isn't easy. 

What gives you the strength to go on, what gives you motivation to continue? Is it an ana buddy, thinspiration, etc? For me, I'll go on no matter what, because I set my mind on this, because I crave it like an addiction, like an innate instinct. All of you motivate me more than you can imagine, knowing I'm far from being alone in this, being alone is absolutely terrifying for me. Loneliness is possibly one of the worst feelings in the world, I doubt I'd be sane if I couldn't share my thoughts on here.

For about 3 hours today, I shopped with a friend and ended up getting several things, including a necklace that I've wanted ever since I saw a friend wearing a similar one. I wore a size 0 dress to the mall, which felt incredible.

Comment Replies: I hope you all have an absolutely amazing day today, you all deserve to have a great day, everyday. So make today the best it can be. :)

TheJDawg01- I found your email on your profile, I'll message you. You seem like a really nice person.
Olivia Lee- Thank you darling! :) I hope you had an amazing day!
skinnyjeans- I hope to stay binge-free for a very long time. Exercise is always a good solution! Thank you very much for the advice! Thanks for commenting!
unbeautiful- Thank you for your comment! The sticky notes picture is also one of my favorites. :)
Alex- I'm glad you liked my post! I'm excited too about my hipbones. :) One of my favorite bones. Thanks for the comment! 
GraceyJ- Thank you for the comment, you made me smile. :)
becoming nothing- Thank you so much for commenting! I'll try to make it the best spring break ever! I hope you have a great day! :)
Almost Alex- Yup I absolutely love shopping, it's a huge passion. Also, 3 hours of it burns about 335 calories for me. Thanks for commenting!
-christy- -Thank you for commenting, I had a great time! :)
Sofia- Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked it! :)
Ana's Addict- I'm very glad you liked the post. :) I'm positive you possess the willpower and control to accomplish anything that you want! Good luck on your liquid/water fast! I love that quote, it's so true, thank you for sharing it, I'll definitely remember it. Thank you so much for commenting, I always love hearing your insight and kind words. Have a wonderful day!
Skinny_legs- I'm very glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting! :)
jackie- Thank you very much for commenting! I smiled at your comment. :)


  1. Size zero!!! thats AMAZING! I got into size three jeans the other day, almost there!! but what you wrote is true about willpower and in the end it will be worth it.take care

  2. Hi!
    Sadly I don't know who Ana Regzig is or how she's doing. I keep trying to read her blog with the mindset of figuring out her identity so I can try to look her up, but then I get caught up in her writing!
    I'd like to think she's still out there....that she started a new blog and can't reference her old one or reveal herself in any way or she'll get caught again. Poor thing!

  3. your welcome hehe. size zero dress? go you!

  4. congrats on the size 0! can only imagine how that must feel, currently at a size 8-10 myself (uk size) i have a looong way to go- but so happy for you.
    -your blog is gorgeous btw.
    Stay safe,

  5. I wish I was a size 0! That must have felt amazing. And Breaking Benjamin is an amazing band.

  6. Size zero, eh?
    Kudos to you! :D
    I cannot wait until I can wear that size; it is going to feel amazing.
    I am noticing a theme in all the blogs I read today.
    I think they are telling me not to give up, that I have this willpower and that I can do this, if only I am willing to go through a little pain to get there.
    You know what?
    It is worth it.
    What gives me the strength to keep going?
    All of you.
    You motivate, inspire, and encourage me every day.
    I also do this for myself, because I am worthy of that size zero, I deserve it.
    I hope that you have a wonderful Easter holiday. :)
    Best of luck, love! <3

  7. Hey, thanks for following me :)
    Size 0! Haha, serious jealousy!
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  8. Aww thank you! I tried really hard sense I had gotten so off track the last couple of days. Now today is easter so wish me luck. Your welcome for the workout. I am going to start posting all kinds of workouts and low cal recipies so keep checking back I update almost every other day. Tell other people you know as well I want to help people out and give support. thank you so much for your comment! and you are welcome. I feel the same way I dont know where I would be without this blog.

  9. for me it's the rush every time I put on something that fit and it's too big, or every time some one cat calls me on the street. Every time I fit into a size I didn't think I would, or some one runs their hands down my body and smiles in that particular way.


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