Thursday, May 5, 2011

"til we don't have the strength to go on"

A few days ago, a girl from one of my classes passed out in the hallway. She's a real-life thinspiration, tall, incredibly unbelievably skinny, with long dark hair, she's absolutely striking, because of her thinness. I'm almost positive she passed out because she hasn't been eating. Her self-control wildly motivated me.

I want to do this until I'm weak from starving, until I'm cold and freezing because I'm only skin and bones, until I don't have the strength to go on. 

Comment Replies: Check out jackie's vlog, it's really awesome, and she's so gorgeous, it makes me insanely jealous. :) Thank you all for commenting!
JANE DOE- Ana buddies sound like a great support system. I'd love to try it, I'll post my number on this blog once I hit 100 pounds, I need to work on my self-control. :) Thanks for commenting!
Clear Girl- I also really want one, I feel like I don't deserve one yet though. Blogging motivates me so much, because of all the lovely people. Thanks for the comment! :)
kes- I'm afraid to skip lunch because it may led to a binge for me, but skipping breakfast makes me less hungry in the morning. Congrats on your self-control! :)
Ana's Addict- Ana buddies sound great. Thank you for your support, stay beautiful! :)
Lorena- Maybe you could motivate your friends. :) I always secretly figure out the calories in my head for my friends' meals when I'm with them. Thank you so much for commenting, I enjoy reading your blog also! 
Almost Alex- Focusing on things besides food is a great distraction. Thank you for commenting, have a lovely day! :)
jackie- It doesn't sound offensive at all, I feel honored. :) Thank you for your number! I loved your vlog,  it was really good! Thank you so much for your support, it truly helps more than you can imagine.
Lucy Hart- Thank you for reminding me that tomorrow is a fresh start, and thank you for your number! Your support really helps me out. :) 
A Girl with Tiny Intentions- I'm glad an ana buddy was really helpful for you. One day, we should all get paired up with an ana buddy! :) Thanks for the comment!
Cinnamon Brown- You're definitely not a doughnut or a walrus, quite the opposite! :) I'm sorry your experience with ana buddies didn't go as well as expected, but I can tell you're strong enough to do it on your own, and with your amazing blog. Thank you so much for your support! :)
lottie x- It's always nice to have someone understanding to talk to. :) Thank you very much for commenting, have a lovely day, you deserve it!
anonymous- Thank you so much for your comment, I think I did better today, because of everyone's help. Stay strong, stay beautiful! :)
AVY- Thank you very much for your support. :)
Nicole S.- An ana buddy would definitely help for preventing binges. We all need a little support. :) Thanks for commenting!
JT- I love your blog also, welcome to the world of blogging, don't worry, I'm fairly new also. :) I agree, doing it alone can be tough, thankfully this community is amazingly supportive. Thanks for commenting!
-christy-- Thank you so much for commenting and your support! I agree, ana buddies sound very helpful. Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!
Dani- That's sweet, it sounds great to have friends that truly understand what we're dealing with, since they're also living with it. I once texted someone in Canada without realizing it was international. Expensive bill. :( Thank you for commenting! :)
thin_thighs- It's okay to hide your blog from him, it keeps you motivated and gives you a support system. :) Thanks for commenting!
lulu- That sounds awesome, I want an ana buddy one day. Does it help with preventing binges? Thanks for your comment! :)


  1. wow she sounds like such a thinspiration! do wish i had an ana buddy to txt sometimes, just in the moments of weakness when you need some words of wisdom u no? sounds like a good idea. Much love and be strong! Jxxx

  2. She sounds beautiful. Strong and beautiful.
    And thank you! You have a lovely day too! ^^

  3. I've been going through a really hard time lately and this short simple post has really helped me see what I want, and I know that this is it for me as well.

    p.s. I'm tryin to fix the problem of my comments always going to spam. Idk why it's doing that.

    Stay Strong Beautiful Girl <3

  4. Is that girl a loner or does she hang out with people?
    Isn't it so strange how we often want our weaknesses to show us how strong we are? The fragility of our bodies should be shown by every movement we do. And once we are too fragile to stand, we are content. What a strange world we live in, don't we?

    ~ Meg

  5. How did the people around her react?
    Fainting is indeed a sign of how long she's had that control, but it can also reveal starvation. Which tends to lead to those make-ya-fat camps and feeding tubes. Fainting gets attention.
    But sometimes we want that attention. It's nice to have people worried sometimes. It's reassuring. People only worry about those they care about. And to have your work and suffering recognized, even if in a way that undoes that work.


  6. I hope that girl is alright.
    She sounds to be a real thinspiration. Thin and strong.

    I wish i had enough self-control to not eat until i'm weak and fragile. That would be great.

  7. Please take care. You are such a lovely person.

    /S / http://

  8. thanks for the shout out, girly! you are so sweet!

    that girl does sound like an inspiration. I always wished that I could have that sort of control, to walk through the dizziness.

    stay strong!

  9. She sounds like amazing thinspiration!
    I definitely have a lot of those girls in my life.
    One day, it is my goal to BE people's thinspiration.
    And I will get there.
    I AM getting there.
    Slowly, one day at a time, but I am getting there.
    This post has given me even more motivation!
    Hang in there and stay strong, love! <3

  10. love real like thinsp its great but i hope that shes ok
    ive almost passed out many of times at work or at school or at the gym its a scary feeling
    i have passed out at home alot
    stay strong hun
    i can txt in canada its part of america well depedning on the phone plan the person in canada has

  11. I know you have like a million followers but I really appreciate the time you take to comment on my page and write on your blog every single time! thank you.

    Anyway I am glad that the pics I put up were inspiring! And that girl sounds like a girl in my first hour class. She is the smallest girl I have ever seen and she is so graceful. I catch myself just staring at her sometimes. I guess that is kind of creepy. Good luck on your last month of School I know you will do well.

    Stay strong.
    <3 Jess

  12. Wow... I dunno if I could do that... the food controls me I wish I could control the food though. Do what makes you happy.
    <3 Britni

  13. Girl I want that too. But this week has been full of parties. Ugh! Can't wait until Monday to Fast until.. well.. until just what you said. I hope the girl is okay though!!


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