Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ready Set Go!

The competition officially starts now! You can still join, by the deadline May 15th. Many of you said you would like to weigh-in on Friday, so required weigh-ins will be on Friday, you can post them on the May/June Competition page. Best of luck to everyone! 

At the starting line, we have 26 lovely contestants. On your mark, ready, set, GO! 

Contestants/Their Methods: Sorry if I've overlooked your method! Oh, and by the way, is the new pop-up comment form easier than the old one at the bottom of the page?
thin and bones- fasting, exercise restricting
Sara- ABC, 2-4-6, restriction
ullalexie- calorie shifting, working out
diluer_est_beau- not currently specified
~christy~- under 1200 cal, no food after 6pm, exercise
Thinqueen1- not currently specified
Dotty Mcilduff- not currently specified
SkinnyLove- ABC diet, workouts
Dani- restriction and fasts
Brittany- not currently specified
Nele- one meal per day
Alex- exercise and small meals
JT- not currently specified
ellie3D- under 500 cal and workouts
blanche- Skinny girl diet
| | ANONYMOUS | |- not currently specified
ELLE-usive Dream- 100 workout, fasting, under 500 cal
thincrisis- restriction, fasting, exercise
Almost Alex- restriction and exercise
Elle Marie- ABC diet
Angela- ABC diet, exercise
kes- restricting and exercise
ElBar7a- ABC diet, fasting, fruit fasts
Zane- not currently specified
Just Jessica- exercise
SimplyHeather- fasting

Comment Replies: 
Brittany- Information on the ABC diet can be found here. I'll be doing a post on it tomorrow hopefully. Thank you for commenting! :)
| | ANONYMOUS | |- That's a great idea, I hope everyone checks out each others' blogs to gain inspiration and support each other! Thanks for the comment!
Starving Artist- It's okay, thank you for considering it! Your boyfriend sounds so sweet, he's a keeper! All of you girls seem very determined, I think everyone has an equal chance of winning. Thanks for your comment!


  1. WOOHOO!
    I'm really excited about this!
    And the pop-up thing is okay, but I prefer the other method. Less work (a)
    I'm so pumped for this I'm gonna work my a$$ off (:

  2. Are we having a weigh-in this Friday?
    Gosh, this whole thing actually makes me want to lose LOADs of weight! Excited!

  3. hm i'm not sure, the other way was more convenient but this is interesting. and i think i'd like to join the competition! i'm in the US so i wouldn't win anything, but that dioesn't matter to me - i am the most competitive person i know, whether i win something or win, i want to win ahah so i thought it'd be good for me. i think my method would be upping the exercise i do already, calorie limit of 900 cals (no eating after 730 pm), and minimum 2.5 litres of water a day. i hope this really motivates me to break my plateau!

  4. I am joining please and thank you. I want a perfect body. So the competion goes on for a month and point is just to loose as much as possible right? I prob wont be the winner but at least it will push me. I'll give you my stats friday.I agree I was instantly jealous of them as well.

    Thanks so much for commeting
    Stay strong
    <3 Jess

  5. O and I will probably just restrict my calories and exercise my azz off! I am considering also mixing in the ABC and calorie shifting (2-4-6 or 6-8-10 type of thing). im 5'6". I'll tell weight friday. So embarasing though!!!

    p.s. I suck at spelling sorry

  6. I weight 161 and I'm 5'6. I want to join!

  7. ok yay i normally weigh in on fridays so that works for me
    gotta get my fat self tot he gym and soon

  8. so did you say we can still join? just wondering :)

  9. i'd like to join if that's ok, i'm 5'2 and 105lbs - i'll be mixing restricting/fasting/exercising :)

  10. Hi! I'd love to join in! It's quite embarrassing to say this so publicly but I'm 5'8'' and 163 lbs! I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I'll be sure to check it out, it just seems great :)

  11. By the way, forgot to say my method! I'm not exactly sure, but I think I'll be restricting and seeing how that goes :)

  12. Hi, I joined the competition earlier in the week. I'm going to do a modified ABC diet and exercise.

  13. Well I cannot find where I initially posted my weight. I started out at 161. and I'm 5'6

  14. hi
    I must do to join the competition?

    (excuse my bad writing is that I'm from Mexico)

  15. I join the competition
    Method: calorie reduction and exercise

  16. Hm.
    Even if I am not able to be in this competition, I will still compete with myself to lose as much weight as I can.
    My methods?
    Calorie reduction (500-800 daily max) water fasts, and exercise every day!
    Dude, I am so excited!
    Hang in there and stay strong love! <3

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