Friday, May 20, 2011

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose."

Competition: Don't forget to weigh in, since it's Friday! I hope everyone is doing great! Good luck to you all! 
104 pounds of failure. It's upsetting, so I'll go off-topic today.

Would you change your name if you could? How did your parents choose your name?

Whenever I see my name, it seems to belong to someone else, not myself. A name is a word, defined by the person. Mine has never been right for me. Especially since lately, I have been reminded of what happened every time I write the name I was given, because IT's name is directly spelled out in my name (ha isn't that just ironic?), a constant reminder of things I would like to forget. It's time for a nickname or a name change..

I was named after my parents saw the movie Gone with the Wind, I wish they had seen another movie.

Comment Replies:
JT- Congrats on your progress and your intake! You make me want to try doing yoga again. I'm sure you'll meet your goals by the end date. :) Thanks for commenting!
Thin or Not- I'm sorry to hear about the binge, but you can always have a fresh start, make the best of everyday! Good luck, I know you can do it! :) 
Wings to Set me Free- Thanks, I'm really glad I am also. I hope you have a lovely day, you deserve it!
ElBar7a- Good job on your 53 hour fast, you really motivate me! Keep it up! :)
Kitty- Congrats on your progress! I'm sure it's just water weight. Good luck, I hope you have a wonderful day. 
| | ANONYMOUS | |- Congrats on your progress, you're doing great! I'm positive you will get into the 120s soon. Good luck, stay beautiful!
TheJDawg01- I can't wait to get out for summer, only three more weeks of this torture! I started counting down on the very first day. 
~christy~- Good job on your progress and your fast! You're doing absolutely amazing. Good luck and have a lovely day! :)
kes- My jaw dropped when I saw $9,000, that's a really high amount for me. I agree, ten days of treatment would probably not be enough to change a person for the long-run. Outpatient would be the best option for me if I ever in the distant future considered recovering, staying in the real world would make me feel safer and less controlled and watched than staying in a hospital or treatment facility. Thanks for commenting! :)
Ana's Addict- You're right, we were meant to truly live our lives, not just exist. Congrats on your progress, you're putting your best effort in, I'm sure you'll see amazing results! I've never actually watched an ED documentary, I'm interested in them though. I am absolutely sure that you will be someone else's thinspiration one day, in fact you already inspire and motivate me more than you could ever know! Thank you for your kind words, I hope you have a lovely day! :)
SkinnyLove- I'm so sorry that you had a tough weekend. It's great that you're going to make this week the best that you can, you have a really nice positive attitude! Good luck, stay beautiful! :)
Perfection and Ana- I loved your comment, it's truly nice to hear that you feel amazing. We all need something to live for and strive for. Thanks for clarifying the name change, I'd be worried if I thought you'd disappeared mysteriously! Good job on doing workouts, I hope you have a lovely day! :)
Dani- I'm really interested in information about recovery, even though I do not currently wish to recover, thank you for your insight. I hope you won't be offended by any of my questions about recovery. Congrats on your progress! I'm sorry to hear you have chest pains, I really hope they go away soon. Thanks for commenting, good luck! :)
Kitty-Congrats on losing two pounds! :) You're doing great, keep it up!
vegangirly-You made my day, thank you for your kind words! :) I assume you're a vegan based on your name, I've always admired vegans' lifestyles and their control. I hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. For a while I didn't like my name because it was/is extremely popular and it seemed as though everyone had it. Now, I really like my name. Maybe you'll eventually like yours :-)

  2. I was similar, I used to not like my name but as I've gotten older and identified more with my heritage I feel I've grown into it. I understand how you feel thou, you were named for a movie you maybe didn't like?

  3. I go by my middle name. I hate my first name. Too girly.
    I hope one day you like yours again.

  4. hahaha... ;) Mmmm... I think Delilah could be a cool nickname... :D

  5. I actually hate my name and commonly abbreviate it by Sam. Most people call me that now but a lot of them don't as well. It's also the name I go by here but it does really cut my name in half. ^__^

    104. I hope that shifts soon. I always gets agitated when it doesn't shift. Tried a different approach to weight loss? That might work?

    Er...150.04 pounds. Almost back to pre-binge weight. =] Just one more pound.

  6. I used to not like my name when i was a kid. I always wanted to be caller Rose or Daisy or Violet, well something connected to flowers (^-^*)

  7. '...would smell as sweet.'

    I've always wanted to be called 'Ravenna' which is funny because everyone I know hates it.

    As for weight, we can both break our plateaus! Damn I hate it when we're stuck!

    Fat free love x

  8. For me it's been the opposite as the previous commenters, I used to love my name as a kid, I didn't know anyone with the same name (which is odd because it actually is quite common) but then through adolescents I started to hate it, it seemed too prissy. Then when I shortened it, it seemed to tomboyish and reminded me of a golden labrador or something haha.
    i definately think it maybe has something to do with dis-associating.
    if you could change your name what do you think you would call yourself?

  9. ask nehting u want hun
    andm y name idk it seems to suit me they picke dmy name just for they could call me by a nickname rarely neone calls me by my real name
    im sorry that u dong like ur name hun

  10. I have contemplated changing my name, many times.
    There are lots of times when I do not like the name I have been given.
    But then I think, imagine how a name change would affect all of the people who have known you for so long.
    They would still call me by my given name even if I changed it.
    And changing it involves jumping through so many hoops!
    So I suppose instead of changing my own name, if I ever have a daughter, I will give her the name I have always wished to have.
    Sophia Grace (or Sophia Paige), Sophie for short. :)
    Hope you are doing wonderfully and that you have a great day today!
    Hang in there and stay strong love. <3

  11. I think about changing my nickname all the time. jackie? jax? jaclyn? i dont know!

    stay calm about the 104 thing. the numbers will move eventually, you just have to wait out the plateau. lots of love!!!

  12. God, I love Gone with the Wind!

    What nick name are you thinking about?


  13. I hate my name. I just got my parents on board to change my name from Taylor to Aubrey. I send in the forms as soon as the strike ends.

    Your doing great, keep it up and the pounds will continue to fall off.

    Stay strong


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