Thursday, October 18, 2012

help me please?

It's been so long, but I'm here again. I have no words right now, but someone please give me some words of motivation? I need to be pushed, harder.


  1. i need to too! we can do it together - just think - we did it once before, we can SO do it again!!! xx

  2. Hey gorgeous!!! I've missed you so much! I kept looking at your page, hoping for updates. You have such a way with words!I've often wondered how were you doing.
    For the words' matter, apparently starting is the hardest part.
    Don't worry to much about it. Write to set yourself free, don't mind us nor the overall post. I know that if you are here looking for motivation things can't be so good, but I really hope they are not that bad.
    You can make it!! xxxxxxxx

  3. I've missed you. I really hope you've been okay. Please don't disappear again <3 xxxx

  4. Hey. I hope you're okay. You can do it, we're all here to help you, you're never alone.
    Take care.

  5. My darling americaneaglelove,

    How I've missed you, your twisted and convoluted words and your way with imagery that transports me from my room to some far away world beside you. What has happened?
    Have you lost your way, lost your motivation? I don't know. But know this: we are all holding onto the same thing. You can never be lost, you can never lose motivation, you will never be alone because all of us are holding on to the same dream, the same goal, the same gnawing desire burns inside us all.
    When everything else is turning into a hullaballoo, ED and Ana will be there, they are constant, what they say never changes and what they demand are simple. They always reward effort and that is something that is far too rare in this life. So just hold onto them, and hold onto the pure feeling that comes with fasting and the pain of hunger. That will never change. And soon, you will find yourself again.

    Miss you.
    Your Judith Marie.

  6. Dear darling,

    you have been the biggest motivation for lots of people, with your amazing writing and your thoughts.

    Please keep on writing.




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