Thursday, March 24, 2011


Introductions in general are difficult for me. Like meeting a new person. You look at them and the first thing you see is their appearance. You notice their face, clothes, and body. You know whether they're beautiful or not. And then you wonder if they're nice or funny or weird or smart or interesting. I believe that a person's face is a pretty good indicator of their personality. You can sorta tell what kind of person they are, without even saying a word. Some faces just fit with certain types of personalities. Sweet people usually appear sweet and outgoing people appear outgoing. You can hide a lot, but hiding your personality is almost impossible.

So reading this post is like meeting a new person. A little awkward, but once you know me better I promise to be more interesting and fun. :) I wasn't sure how to put a few things about me into a clear, well-written paragraph so here's several random facts about me:

- I have long dark hair, almost to my belly button.
- I don't listen to "normal" music. I'm in love with a band called Rise Against. Listen to Savior, Good Left Undone, The Strength to Go On, and Endgame!
- Lists help me make sense of the world when it gets too confusing.
- I only live in the summer. 
- Navy blue is my favorite color. I wear it all the time. And gray. 
- I'm addicted to shopping. Favorite stores: AE, A&F, and Hollister.
- I spend too much time thinking. I wish my brain had an off-switch. 
- Very deep water fascinates me. I've dreamed of sinking deeper and deeper without having to breathe and feeling weightless and unreal.
- Swinging on a swing set makes me feel amazing.
- I'm afraid of becoming old. I sometimes wish I'd die at around 30 years old.
- I can't leave the house without makeup. I absolutely have to use eyeliner.
- Compliments make my day. 
- 78 more days until I see the guy I've loved for two years. 
- I admire gymnasts soooo much! They're incredible.
- Smiles are the best thing in the world.
- I have an awful temper. Working on that.

I've always needed to be thin. Last year, I gained several pounds from lack of control and careless eating. I must get my control and body back. I need to look perfect. I've always been insecure. But I can get a perfect body if I fight my hardest for it. 

Height: 5 ft 3 short :(
BMI: 19.5
CW: 110
HW: 114
LW: 100 
GW: 99 
STGW: 106

I will get there.

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