Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Thousand Paper Cranes

 According to a Japanese legend, if you fold a thousand origami cranes, you'll be granted one wish...

What would you wish for? 

Folding a thousand cranes sounds like a ton of work, but if a wish was guaranteed, I most definitely would spend days folding tiny pieces of origami paper. For what? Well I'd wish for a beautiful body, my dream body. I'd wish for That Guy I Love. I'd wish for happiness. For my life to be perfect. But a thousand cranes gives only one wish so I'd have to make an impossible choice of picking one. I guess I'd better get started on the thousand paper cranes. ;)

I like slicing fruit with knives. I love eating all types of sliced fruit, strawberries, cantaloupe, banana, peaches, plums. I'm such a fattie. Right now, my safe food is bananas. Small banana=90 calories. 

I'm sure the majority of you have read Wintergirls, but I've just started reading it online. Amazingly well-written so far. 

Reasons Not to Eat:

- summer is about 70 days away! You know what that means. Bikini time and short shorts. 
- eat today, regret tomorrow.
- do you really need that?
- your guy will be able to pick you up for a kiss, carry you on his back, and you'll feel weightless, not like you're hurting him.
- you need to look good in a tank top.
- you'll finally be the "thin one" in your group of friends
- calories are bad.
- you'll finally be a size zero! 
- or maybe even size 00!
- you can be thinspiration.

THIS is what we strive for! 

Replying to Comments From Last Post:

BeautifulThinner16- Yup, skinny is definitely our ideal! Good luck on the ABC diet! (:

GraceyJ- Thanks for the comment! (: I love your blog!

Everyone- Thank you so much for following my blog! :) It truly motivates and inspires me! Stay strong! (:

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