Monday, October 3, 2011

all the little things

and it's strange how now, after spending much too long at my lowest point, there's everything to live for. Because life IS worth it. Because I am worth it. Because YOU are worth it. Choose life, always.

It's taken me a while to realize the superficial, the meaningful, and the beautiful little things in life that make it worth living, but they've always been there and always will be.
I smile because...

I love and I am loved by those that matter most
all the opportunities in this world
the rays of sunshine, an indescribable color of light, in the early morning
the perfect shade of blue in his eyes
the looseness in my size 0 jeans
the innocence and sweetness of my younger sister
smiles from strangers
finding sticky notes saying "You are beautiful"
an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning
being introduced as "the gorgeous one" to someone
the kindness shown by people
life is exciting, tempting, amazing again

I smile because I know that even though in the future, my smile will be replaced by tears, there will always be a reason to smile again.
Oh, and I smile because of you. (:

Thank you for commenting, it truly makes my day.
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  1. Looseness in your size 0 jeans!!!! OMG! you are freaking beautiful. it's so nice to see you so happy!

  2. so jealous about the looseness in the size zero jeans! this was a really lovely post, it made me smile too :) it's nice to see you happy! :) xo.

  3. Seeing you happy makes me smile :)
    I'll try to find lovely little things in my life too. There must be something, right?

  4. this always...
    *takes in a gulp of air, grins*

    let's dance together, hand-in-hand, with glassy dreams and painted up faces, swirled on the amounts of some sort of love and affection - like blue frosting on October cupcakes, we stand hidden between cartons of white and gold, waiting for that moment when we are revealed to the world as we are - beautiful, decorative - as beautiful as the wind's air, as it takes strife in a lover's stare.

    i smile because
    you girls always are there, like a link of silvery bands onto my bracelet, hanging together and refusing to let go - each one a charm on their own, crystalised to their own perception.
    i smile beecause
    i remember reading.
    i remember reading those very first posts of yours - i remember associating your beauty with something of navy blue, like the navy blue of a bird once emerging from its darkness, ready to spur again, ready to fly -
    i smile because you do.
    and we share them with some sort of elegant secrecy - in secret's golden tears of ecstasy.

    why give up? why give in? it's not enough. it never is. and i will go on until the end. <3

    much love, laughter, smiles,
    and hopeful blue skies that paint promises of devotion,
    -Sam Lupin.

  5. love u i wish i could get out of my low point

  6. you're right. :) it's the little things that mean so much.

    alright. let's be happy. :)

    thanks a bunch, miss. <3

  7. Just keep smiling and everything should get better!!!!!!

  8. Awww this is cute :). <3 I am glad that you smile. and its true little things do mean so much more, things that sometimes people take for granted.

    thanks you for this post <3
    Stay always happy, positive and smiling


  9. You are beautiful and inspiring! Never let that go!

  10. I'm glad you are happy and are finding reasons to smile. :)

  11. i am so glad that you have reached such a state of happiness :) you truly truly deserve it!

  12. You are so tiny!! :) Keep being happy beautiful x

  13. This post is beautiful :) You are an amazing writer.
    Keep smilin ;)

  14. What a great way to start the day :) (It's 8am here) I'm so glad you feel happy today :) xxx

  15. I'm inspired :) thank you for sharing your beauty.

  16. You are inspiring, following you now!!, keep blogging :( xx


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