Sunday, August 28, 2011

dancing like nobody is watching (Cinnamon Brown, please read!)

I'm sorry I have been away for a while, I promise to catch up on your blogs soon!

Trapped behind these thin glass walls of a mirror, alone with your thoughts, it gets isolating. And when you shatter the barrier, even for just a few hours, you'll find that in the other world, things are bright and colorful and alive, sharply contrasting with the dark hollow place you left, hollow like an empty stomach and the space between your hipbones.

I've swallowed the beat of the music, it pounds inside me along with my beating heart. My body moves of its own accord, free, escaped from its bonds. The crowd of bodies, indistinct in the darkness, pressing against me, pulsing, forming a single mass of movement. Laughs, shouts mingle with the words of the song. And I dance like nobody is watching, not even myself.

To Cinnamon Brown, (If anyone has her email address, I'd love it if you sent her a link to this post)
I'm sorry this has taken me forever to post! I am incredibly, incredibly sad that you have left blogger, but I am happy that you are moving on and devoting more time to your life. I miss you so much, you helped me hope and learn and smile. Your warm advice and friendly, common sense, humor, and kind words carried me through some of my darkest times. You are one of a kind, truly unique. I cried when I read your comment and found out you were leaving. You will always be in my heart, I promise. Even if we have never met in person, I think of you as one of my friends. If you ever need anything, I am always here for you. Thank you, for being you. I hope that you will find what you are searching for in this life. Wherever life may take you, I send my love and caring with you. <3

Thanks to
Bonjour Bones !
Sam Lupin
Lucy's Shadow
Clear Girl
Little Miss Thin
Nichole S.
Dotty Mcilduff
for giving me strength and caring and kind words. I hope you all have a very lovely day, I will catch up on your blogs very soon!


  1. I love your writing! The imagery is beautiful.

  2. That post has left me breathless once again. These posts make my day, leave me with some sort of breathless that cannot be taken away, haunting me in the middle of the night - gorgeous posts, and gorgeous words. <3 Hope you have an amazing day, my sweetheart. And lovely weeks.
    <3 <3
    Ma petite cherie. <3

  3. Your writing is so beautiful.
    I love the feeling of losing myself in music, its the only time I can really let go.


  4. ur amazing u know that stay safe and strong hun

  5. I sent Cinnamon a link to your post!

    This was a such a sweet post to read. :)

  6. Oh, I just also sent Cinnamon your post dear. She'll be pleased to read your sweet words.

  7. Music is my savior, along with writing. It unbinds the chains wrapped so suffocatingly around my soul. With music, we can escape. Thank you for all your inspirational and beautiful posts. I am always looking for new posts from you.

  8. I love your writing and blog posts. :)

  9. you are so talented with words, and everything you have described is literally exactly what im feeling.

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  11. your writing is so...inspiring! i love it! its like a novel. im glad i found this :D

  12. You posted on my blog ages ago, I can't believe I've just started reading yours.
    You are the same height as me and your current weight is my goal weight, you are so inspiring, I hope to one day be as thin as you are.

  13. dancing is a great way to zone out. to forget about everything. I love it. and it's a good calorie burner :) hope you're smiling wherever you are!

  14. Dein blog ist echt super. Weiter so.
    Ich würde mich freuen wenn wir uns gegenseitig folgen.

    lieb hab

  15. Hi I just came to start coming to your blog and I like it. My height and goal weight are same with you. But I am much bigger than you. I will take some time later to read your old posts and wish get some tips and advice from you. Thank you for having this beautiful blog.


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