Friday, June 10, 2011

Competition Final Weigh-In!

"You should kiss me underwater," he said to his girlfriend, as all eight of us swam in the cool water, escaping the 95 degree weather. Each one of his ribs protruded, I could see the bumps of his spine form a line down his back. I wanted to trace and feel his bones, so strong and fragile. When he jumped into the pool, his bones seemed to slice through the water.


Please leave a comment with your SW, CW, and total amount lost in pounds, by midnight tonight. I am incredibly proud of everyone, and I hope that you all are closer to, or have reached your goals.

the lovely contestants:

thin and bones
Dotty Mcilduff
ELLE-usive Dream
Almost Alex
Elle Marie
Kes ElBar7a
Just Jessica 
alice ana
Lucy's Shadow
Thin or Not
Alicia Kay
Ana's Addict
Miyuki Hara
Perfection and Ana

Comment Replies:
Dani- I completely agree, I also wish I could pack up all my things and start a new fresh life. I hope you have a lovely day! <3
Skinny Fat Girl- I am incredibly jealous of your sister, I wish I could do that. Responsibility is difficult on us.
AJ- Thanks for commenting! I hope you have a lovely day, you deserve it!
ElBar7a- I'm sure it will be down a lot more, once the water weight is gone! Oh gosh, I despise airplane food also, it seems so artificial. Good luck, stay beautiful!
Cinnamon Brown- Very well put, human beings do seem to have a longing for wandering and searching for their hearts' desires. "The more we chase after it, the more we chase it away," I'm afraid I will chase it away, I'll do my best to run quite fast though. (: I haven't heard of Zen Buddhism, but it seems like it would be very peaceful and calm. You're right about life being about the journey, the beginning and end aren't quite as important as the middle and our experiences. I totally smiled when you mentioned Dumbledore and Harry, I am a proud Harry Potter fanatic. And I adore that quote. You seem to know very much about birds, you are an expert! Birds are truly beautiful. I've only seen a hummingbird once, it was incredible. Ha "Not unless you count a 'magic mushroom trip' and a 'trip down memory lane'", you crack me up! (: I hope you have a very wonderful day! <3
~christy~- "I wish i could travel to a far away land, leave all the problems behind and find something to fill the emptiness in my life." I completely agree with this. I hope that both of our dreams come true. 
Displayed- I find it very amusing and quite cool that both me and your four year old are in the same situation! Oh, I really do miss the innocence and happiness of young childhood. I hope that we can both find what we are searching for. (: I hope you have a lovely day, stay beautiful!
amelia- I agree, I am envious of the people that know what they want in life. Thanks for commenting! (:
Alex- I find it interesting that you pack suitcases on a regular basis, you seem to have the spontaneousness that I wish I had. I hope we find what we are looking for, I'm sure we will one day.
Kat not Jas- Thank you so much for your support! (: Good luck, stay beautiful!
Princess Perfection- You are right, we will all reach our goals one day, because we possess the strength and will. "You are not lost, just taking a detour" this was incredibly reassuring, thank you. I'm very sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I will fix that! (: I hope you have a lovely day!
Skinny Little Me- Good luck on your fast, I know that you have the strength to do it! It's very inspiring to hear that you are going to fast. (:


  1. Yay for everyone and their weight loss!!

  2. Oh yes! I'm down.
    I'm dooooown! :D
    SW- 149.1
    CW- 148.0
    XD. Considering the episodes of binging, I'm just happy I'm stable again. I won't ruin this today. :3
    I know. It feels like I'm digesting hospital food. >_< Totally not worth the cals for what it tastes.
    ALSO! Congrats to any amount of weight lost by anyone! You're all amazing!

  3. i posted mine for u yesterday i didnt lose though ate myself for that

  4. Good luck to everyone with their weight loss!

  5. The first part of this post was incredibly poetic.
    I wish luck to everyone in the competition; may you reach your goals, and then some!
    And you, you are amazing, as usual. :D
    Hang in there and stay strong love! <3

  6. i have no scale here- i'm out :/

  7. hey,

    SW: 265.0
    CW (as of friday): 252.4

    Total loss of 12.6 lbs

    sorry for late post, i've been living with my friend lately and she doesn't have internet.



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