Saturday, June 4, 2011

words from you

Words have such power, especially when arranged beautifully, in sentences that convey emotions, meanings, thoughts. These are your words.

"You can always change; you can always start over; you can always get better, but you can never live in this life again." Emmmmm.

"I am all the surfaces of unfolded origami, a million reasons why, uncountable stars, infinite moments. how do you define that?" jackie

"i wish all of you love and a smile; we all deserve a smile once in awhile, and we always give each other much needed love - for a world that's supposed to be so dark and warped, we have such supportive and (most of the time) positive people in it. it's wonderful. any of you can pick me up when i feel like i've fallen, and i'd always be happy to do the same for any of you."  alice ana

" We must be the masters of our own happiness. We may not be able to control of what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to these things. The choice is ours, victim or victor! It's up to us and no one else!" Cinnamon Brown

"I need to get it out of my life!
I am going to do well with this, I know it.
I am a perfectionist.
I crave control.
I need to be the best.
AND I WILL."  Ana's Addict

"The pleasure you get is from the emptiness in your stomach and the numbers on the scale and those flickers of moments where you're convinced you are powerful. But all is weighed down by the displeasure, the guilt of eating, the nausea and headache and pain from not eating, the fear that someone would find out, the fear that you will gain, the obsession, the inability to sit down and think about anything else... " ElBar7a

This post was inspired by Thin or Not, who has a lovely blog, My Mission to a Thin Me.

Comment Replies: Instead of replying to comments this time, I felt like writing about all of your lovely blogs.
Hearing Out Echo (CAliChica)- I absolutely love the name of your blog, it's unique and beautiful. I really enjoy your writing style, it draws me in. I hope you continue writing!
A Picture, a Face, a Candle, and a Different Place (ElBar7a)- I adore the name of your blog, it's quite lovely! I love your positive attitude and determination, reading your blog always gives me thinspiration. Stay beautiful!
The Sinking Game (Hilly.M)- You have a beautiful and interesting way of writing. You're also a genuinely friendly and kind person, and it shows in your blog. Please continue writing!
Learning To Fly (Alex Accursed)- I really enjoy the format and text of your new blog, though I do miss reading the old one. I like the more recovery-themedness of your blog. You are a really interesting and sweet person, I'm happy that we've met through our blogs. Your strength inspires me.
- fading into nothing - (~christy~) - The flowers throughout your blog are gorgeous! I like how you format your posts, and you are such a caring and kind person, I love how you wish everyone a good day at the end of each post. Stay beautiful, and keep writing!
* f a k e . f a d i n g . m e m o r i e s * (annamaria) - I really like the title of your blog, it's so delicate and lovely. I love reading your blog, when I have more time this summer, I plan to start reading from the beginning. Your control and strength motivate me, thank you!
bones are pure (Dani) - I really enjoy reading your blog, both your blogs actually (your thinspo one is very lovely!). You are truly inspiring, you provide me with so much strength and major thinspiration. I love how you post pictures and music on your blog. I'd be extremely devastated if you ever stopped writing.
Sincerely, Cinnamon Brown (Cinnamon Brown) - Your blog shines with your beautiful personality, I have never met anyone quite like you, and that is very unfortunate, because you are so friendly and welcoming, caring, intelligent, with a warm sense of humor and common sense, you are so alive. I look up to you more than you can imagine. I adore your blog and the uplifting positivity of it, I truly enjoy reading it, you are an amazing writer, and an amazing person. 


  1. Hahaha, interesting way of writing, thanks!
    Well, I'm a foreigner so that makes sense.
    German .... :P
    Just think of how many of your followers adore you, hope that will give you some strength. :)

  2. Aw I <3 this post. You are a truly lovely person xx

  3. What a lovely compliment! It does my soul endless good to be appreciated. Thank you so much, Babe!

    Your blog certainly speaks of your kindness. The way you always take time to personally answer each comment and the way you share your thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears is testament to what a wonderful and generous friend you are. Thanks for always chatting with me, I love hearing form you. Have a truly spectacular Sunday!

    All my love. <3. XXX.

  4. i loved the quotes u wrote they really expresed themselves well
    and dont worry hun iw lll never stop writing

  5. You made us all blush and die from blushing, love! <3 and I was just having the worst day... This made it so much better!!! *hugs* much love!!!

    You girls give me so much strength. My loneliness tends to disappear around you.

  6. The words from these blogs are so inspirational and powerful. What a sweet post :)

  7. Thank you so much for the shout out! It makes me feel all warm inside :)

  8. Aw, thank youu. I'm sorry that the strength you love so much has been lacking the past few days. :/ I'll get it back soon! :)

  9. thank you for including me love, it is such a compliment. you are so sweet to always be looking out for the girls here and responding to comments like you do. best of luck to you today on your goals!


  10. This post was absolutely inspiring.
    YOU are absolutely inspiring.
    Thank you.
    I feel honored to be included. :D
    Name change, and blog change here.
    I am no longer Ana's Addict.
    I am going to be healthy.
    I am turning tail and running away from Ana, before she consumes my life for any longer than she already has.
    And I welcome this change.
    I partially have you to thank for helping me to realize this.
    So thank you.
    Much love, my dear.
    Hang in there and stay strong. <3

  11. that was so sweet of you, thank you =) i was close to caving in today, but this reminds me that i am strong, we all are, and that support just saved me from ruining my weekend. i always look forward to your new posts, they're always fantastic, and in this case, control saving!

  12. Omg Your Style Of Writing Is So Inspirational..Your Blog Was Recommended To Me And Honestly Ive Read Many Blogs And Yours Is Filled With The Most Emotion And Honest Truth..Your So Genuine This Is Honestly A Talent To Write And Make Us Feel The Emotion You Feel...Finally Someone That Takes Our Way Of Thinking And Can Translate It To Art In The Form Of Words x


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